It didn’t have a Harry Potter joke. I was really waiting for one too. Oh, well. A lot of other interesting things did happen in this episode though. I’ll leave it to you to decide if it was for better or worse though. I think it was more good than bad personally, but far from perfect. Spoilers ahoy!

“When you have a time ship you’re never late.”

When we last left the team, Sara, Ray, and Kenda were headed to the ship when it vanishes. On board, the team is under heavy fire from Chronos. They head for the jumpship as Chronos takes control over the ship and pilots it out of there. With few other options, Stein and Jefferson merge to form Firestorm, but they arrive in the bridge to find that Cronos took Snart and escaped in the jumpship, and left Rip unconscious.

Before he left, Chronos set orders in Gideon’s commands that would leave the ship free falling through the temporal zone for all time. Rip cannot override Chronos’s orders either as he has superior Time Master technology. So Rip reboots Gideon.


Back on Earth, the “Ladies”, as Snart refers to them, wait for the team to return. When ten minutes pass they begin to doubt the team is returning. Sara points out they can’t be late since they have a time machine. They decide they can’t stay in Harmony Falls, because Savage would be after them quickly. Sara hot wires a car and they get out of there.

They settle into an apartment. Ray works out how to build a ‘time beacon’ so that the team will be able to find them if and when they return. Sara still says they aren’t returning. Then she says that she needs to find somewhere she belongs, and leaves Kendra and Ray.


“Sorry, we’re late.”

Two Years Pass. TWO WHOLE YEARS. Ray apparently got a job as a professor. He and Kenda also seem to be doing well as a couple, and we see them celebrate their anniversary. Ray also has a ring for Kendra, but doesn’t get a chance to give it to her. That’s when the time beacon-that Ray wanted to destroy with Kenda-goes off. Rip and the others arrive in the WaveRider.

Ray seems to have some difficulty adjusting to being back on the WaveRider. He says that they have a life here, friends, students who count on him, midterms to grade. Kendra seems to accept it more readily, because she remembers that this is the mission. She is also the one to question why Chronos took Snart, pointing out that the one most likely to be taken by him should have been Rip, and therefore he had a reason for taking Snart.


Ray needs to get back to his apartment, because he hadn’t taken to carrying the Atom suit around in 1960. He then asks if Kendra wants anything since that was their home for the past two years, but she says she doesn’t need any of it, and this obviously hurts his feelings. Ray is reluctant to let him go, but he gives in and Stein accompanies him. Meanwhile Rip has Gideon looking for traces of Sara in 1958 because Kendra and Ray have no idea where she is.

“You say that like there’s gonna be a better time.”

On the JumpShip we see Snart handcuffed and Chronos tells him that he found a time anomaly in 1960 and therefore his friends survived the event. Snart reaches the same conclusions about Chronos taking him for a reason instead of Rip. That’s when Chronos takes off his helmet and reveals the face of Mick Rory, who is very much alive and well.


Apparently Snart couldn’t bring himself to kill him in the forest. Rory was losing his mind in that forest for a long time before the Time Masters found them. They restored him somehow, apparently over several lifetimes. He began to work for them, and when they asked him to hunt them down they hardly needed to ask.


Then we learn that Sara went to Nanda Parbat. We also see that the original Ra’s is mentoring her, and helping her with her bloodlust with herbs and meditation. He then tells a little girl named Talia that she needs to watch Sara, whom he calls Ta-er-al-Sahfer, because she has much to learn from her.

Ray asks Kendra about her lack of attachment to the life they built together. His disappointment that she was ready to leave it all behind to ride the WaveRider again was almost palpable. Ray then says being back on the ship feels like “going backwards,” and then Kendra realizes that might be what Sara did, return to the League which is the one place in 1958 where she could call home.

Rip pulls up the “Shadow Records,” and finds her name in the record, because they have a list of every member since the invention of writing apparently. We also learn that Rip just happened to do a lot of research on the League of Assassins when he was still a student.


“Nanda- I can’t believe I’m back here -Parbat”

Snart asks Rory why he doesn’t just kill him already. Rory says that’s not enough, and then threated to kill Snart’s sister Lisa in front of him. With the power of time travel, he could kill her multiple times in front of him. That’s when the ship gives him the notice that the WaveRider has set down in Nanda Parbat, and he sets a course to follow them.

The team attempts to infiltrate the league headquarters, with Rip just happening to know where to go to find her. Sara is surprised to see Rip, but instead of going with him she pulls a knife and pins him to the ground and sounds the alarm. The League easily overtakes the others who suck at stealth.


Sara takes them hostage. After she leaves them alone, Rip says they just need time to get through to her. He explains that Sara is suffering from “Time Drift” where a person who spends a lot of time in a certain alien time period can become disconnected to the person they were. Kendra hears this and admits that she felt that too, as she’s been unable to use her powers.

On the JumpShip, Snart tries to talk his way into Rory’s head. It doesn’t work though, Rory has had several lifetimes to feed his anger and hate while it’s been a significantly shorter time for Snart. Rory leaves to head after the team leaving Snart alone.

“You’re the White Canary!”

Rip then gets an idea. He knows what Ra’s wants, and he can use that to appeal to his sense of respect for the League’s traditions. He calls an audience with Ra’s, where he demands a trial by combat. Ra’s tells Sara he wishes for her victory, stating that he can choose any champion he wishes. Then Rip nominates Kendra for his champion.


Ray objects, but Rip says that Kendra is their best hope. She might not be able to use her powers at the moment, but the fact that Sara was the one who was coaching Kendra makes her an ideal candidate for getting through to Sara. Kendra tries, pointing out the moves she used were taught to her by Sara herself. Just when it looks like Sara will win, a disarmed Kendra standing before her, everything changes.


Kendra “hawks out” at Sara, but Sara is able to slice her with her sword and regains control. Before Sara can make a decision on whether or not to make the finial killing blow though, they’re interrupted by Chronos. Ra’s frees Rip and the others saying it’s only fair they fight him since they brought him there.

Once left alone on the JumpShip, the clever Snart is able to get his hands on a gun, and use his feet to fire it at his cuffs. He doesn’t freeze just the cuffs though, he freezes his hand as well. To escape the cuffs he smashes his own hand off.

The team takes on Chronos with everything they’ve got. Firestorm, Atom, and Hawkgirl going full out on him. Once they have him disarmed and on the ground though, Snart arrives before they can kill him. He says they can’t, and signals for Jefferson to take off his helmet to reveal who he really is to the others.


“I thought I could find a home here.”

Ra’s take the whole ‘heroes from the future’ thing in stride, stating it makes sense as Sara came to them with the skills that suggest she had the training before. He also says that Sara is divided, by her ability to kill and her desire to show mercy. There is no place for one so conflicted among the League. He then releases her from the League.

The Team imprison Rory again, but are confused on how he came to be there. Snart admits that he didn’t kill him, and points out that he never really said he did. Rip says that they not have the ability to rehabilitate him. Sara says she knows what it’s like to be trained and brainwashed by an organization, and Ray points out that Rory is the one who saved him in the Gulag. The only one who seems opposed to this idea is Snart himself. Then Rip takes Snart to the sick bay where he tells Gideon to work on the regeneration process that regrows Snart’s hand.


Kendra and Ray have one more conversation about where they stand. Kendra says she likes that for the firsts time in centuries it felt like she got to choose who to be with, instead of it being predetermined.

2147 Is their next destination. It was a perilous time and Rip considered it to be too risky to attempt. However, they’re running out of time and options. He tells Gideon to plot a course for Kasnia Conglomerate.

Assorted Musings

The debate on how to pronounce Ra’s is back again.

I’m kinda disappointed they threw Talia in just as an extra like that.

Rip seemed to suggest that the League extend beyond where it should have ended if Nyssa abolished it.


If Kasnia sounded familiar it’s similar to the name of a country in the DC lore and one that was mentioned on Arrow, The Republic of Kaznia. Which is where Diggs, Lyla, Cupid, and Lauton went on that one assignment. In past animated shows such as Justice League it also had ties to Vandal Savage. It was spelled different in the subtitles so we might have to wait until the next episode to see if/how they’re related.