It’s the question that usually pops up when you’re talking about time travel. Would you kill an innocent person to stop them from becoming a monster and bringing tragedy to the world? There’s been a lot of interpretations of this question, and while I think Legends misses the mark a bit, the episode was pretty decent. Spoilers ahoy!

“I’m more of a hard asset man myself.”

We open with Rory in his cell on board the WaveRider and Rip trying to get information out of him. He first apologizes for how he treated him, and says that all his anger should be directed at him and not at Snart. Rory still isn’t ready to talk.

The ship then lands in Kasnia Conglomerate in 2147. Apparently the Conglomerate has taken over most the country at this point. They want to find out what happens at this place and time that leads to Savage taking over the world in 20 years time with this place as ground zero.


Sara, Snart and Rip head to try and track down Savage. After seeing the future use of his suit, Ray wants a better look at them, particularly how they became autonomous. He takes Kendra and Jacks and they head to Palmer Tech.


Rip, Sara, and Snart head to a Kasnia Conglomerate for a shareholders meeting, and Rip uses fake contacts to ‘verify’ his identity as a shareholder to get in, but Sara and Snart have to wait outside.

We see Savage arguing with Tor Degaton, the chairperson of Kasnia Conglomerate, and the conversation doesn’t end well. Rip then follows him until he meets up with Per Degaton, who we know will be the ruthless leader that Savage uses to gain his power, but who is now a young boy.


“We kill the little bastard ourselves.”

Then Rip gives a history (or a future?) lesson to the team. After Per Degaton’s father dies, he releases the Armageddon virus which decimates the world’s population which makes it easier for Savage to gain control. This is also what Savage was arguing for against Per Degaton’s father at the board meeting.

Then the team tip toes around the question, can they kill a child to prevent the disaster he causes in the future. Half of them want to find a way around it, change the events that cause him to become a dictator in the first place. Stein in particular points out that they should find alternate means.


Snart is firmly for killing the kid, because it’s the logical choice. Sara, Kendra, and Rip don’t seem vocal about their opinions in one way or another. The tide turns against him, so Snart says maybe they just need to remove him from the timeline another way. They decide to kidnap the child instead.

Half the team is going to get the boy, but Ray and the others are going to check out the robot army so they can take them down before they target the team.


“What’s the use in saving the world if we stoop to his methods to do so?”

Kendra is continuing to get her flashbacks to her former lives. This time it’s her and Carter in the early 20th century listening to swing music. Kendra tells Carter that she’s sensing Savages presence again, and wants to run. Carter is reluctant, and this son breaks the tension.


Snart and Sara target Per Degaton who is surrounded by a whole squad of bodyguads. Sara takes out one with a dart gun and Rip takes his place in the line up. Then Snart attacks them and takes out the others and Rip grabs the son.

Ray, Stein, and Jax are being shown around by Dr. Brice who tells them that since they brought the robot enforcers online crime has been almost nonexistent. Dr. Brice has another shocker, her great-great-great-great-grandfather was the one who founded the company, indicating a statue of Ray himself and the ATOM suit.

Ray is less than pleased by what happened with his technology. He then freaks out about the fact that he has descendants because when he left in 2016 he didn’t have any children...that he knew of. Then he thinks maybe he did, and he screwed up by leaving instead of being a father for this supposed child.


“I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed with the results.”

Kendra’s flashblack continues, and we see she got new identities for her and Carter with the intention of fleeing. Kendra freaks out a bit and wonders if they’re selfish to think they can have a family when Savage always finds and kills them.

Rip and Sara are watching Per Degaton in the med bay and Sara wonders as what a future manic dreams of. Gideon says he’s dreaming of making cookies with his mother.



Rip then sks Gideon to check the timeline to ensure his kidnapping improves the course of history. Unfortunately, it has a nominal effect on the timeline.

They then argue again if they should kill him. Or perhaps just dump the kid somewhere in time. Then Jax says that maybe they should just talk to the kid, and see if it’s not too late to change. Sara is all for that idea, and she knows the most about being able to redeem herself.

Sara then goes to visit Rory. She tells him about when she and Snart almost died, and how he was talking about him. Rory blows off her words on the surface, but I think she got through to him a little.


“Squeamish in matters of death.”

Tor Degaton is going over the video footage of his son’s kidnapping. He’s confused as to why he’s unable to ID them since biosamples and tracking devices are common in this age. Savage says they’re not from this place or time, but he knows who they are and that he can rescue Per Degaton.

Rip awakens Per Degaton from his slumber and takes him on the JumpShip and takes off before the rest of the team notices. They take note of the JumpShip departing, and Sara is the one who points out that he turned off his tracker because he doesn’t want them to stop him from killing the boy.


In her flashbacks, Kendra explains her and his father’s history to Aldus, their son. Ray finds Kendra while she was remembering. She says that her flashbacks haven’t been of Savage, but of Carter. She says she feels like she was cheating on him with Ray.

Kendra then flips the conversation to what’s been bothering him. Ray tells her of his having a child in 2016 and his 4xGreat-granddaughter having a robot army based on his technology.

“Stop being an ass and go deal with it.”

Sara then talks to Snart who is moping. She tries to convince him to go and talk to Rory, as it’s obviously still weighing on his conscience. When he says he doesn’t feel anything towards Rory she points out it didn’t seem that way when they were dying together.



Rip takes Per Degaton to a lake, where he tells him about his own son and how he died. Then he pulls out a gun and points it right at Per Degaton’s head. The boy isn’t rattled though, as he claims he can tell by his eyes that he isn’t a killer.

Rip puts the gun down, because Per Degaton is right. However, he says it’s not weakness, it’s goodness. And if he has it inside him still then he has to believe the boy has some as well. He tells him that Savage sees him only as a pawn, and eventually he will betray him. Then he leaves him there.

“He’s right, we have superpowers.”

Savage and Tor Detaon attack the ship in force and the team goes out to meet them. Ray and Firestorm attack the robots from the air while the rest handle those on the ground.


Ray realizes that he’s outdated and they can’t win against them. Ray and Hawkgirl then go to their command center to disable them. Dr. Brice find them there and tries to stop them. Then Ray says that he needs her help to stop the robot army, and says that he is her ancestor.

It turns out though that she’s not his direct descendant. Her 4xGreat-grandfather was Sidney Palmer, Ray’s stupid younger brother who must have went to work for Felicity in 2016. They’re still able to convince Brice to help them, because like Kendra said, she will do what is right.

With the robots down the team thinks they can win it, but Savage takes Sara hostage and says he will exchange her for Rip. Then Rip appears and says they want Sara and safe passage in exchange for Per Degaton. Savage and Per Degaton say not to make the deal, but Tor Degaton agrees.


“We don’t have hearts, where does that leave us?”

Snart finally goes to see Rory. Snart says he’s willing to open the cell and let their fists do the talking. Rory agrees.

Kendra and Ray are also having a heart-to-heart about their romantic situation. I have to say, this relationship is growing on me.


Back at home, Per Degaton finds Savage to continue his education. Savage tells him the tale of Oedipus Rex, the man who killed his son who was destined to one day kill him. He then hads Per Degaton a dagger, which the boy uses to kill his own father.

In the conglomerate the chairperson’s chair is passed onto his son when they die, but because of Per Degaton’s age he has elected to have Savage serve as his proxy. Now instead of five years of peace before the release of the Armegeddon virus, it’s only a matter of days as all the events were accelerated.

Snart and Rory duke it out until they’re both bloody. Rory ends up the winner with Snart nearly passed out on the floor and Rory standing over him. He doesn’t kill him though, but says they’re all dead anyways.


That’s when he tells the rest of the team that since he failed, the Time Masters will be sending inhuman hunters after them now, and the only thing they can do is run.


Assorted Musings.

Another Coast City reference. There’s one Green Lantern reference every two weeks or so between the 3 DC shows and I just want them to follow through on that.

There were also some ties to Booster Gold, who was an enemy of Per Degaton in the comics.


STAR Labs apparently grows again after the lull following the particle accelerator explosion, as it’s large enough to ‘take over’ Central City in a time when it’s all about the corporations and not the government.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter? Seriously, Ray?

BTW, That’s Kaylee from Firely, also known as Jewel Staite.

If you didn’t follow along in Kendra’s flashbacks, the boy in her memories was Aldus Boardman who was in the pilot episode.


I love Cold, his Star Wars references are just great too.

I half expected Kendra’s flashbacks to be a foreshadowing that they were going to run into another incarnation of Carter, but I guess it could still happen in a future episode.