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Legends of Tomorrow 1.13: Leviathan

It’s the one we’ve all been waiting for. The team is finally ready to take Savage on head first at the one time and place they know they can find him. It’s an action based episode with some pretty cool special effects, but that doesn’t mean it skimps on the plot. Spoilers ahoy!

“Why is London shooting at us?”

The team heads to England in 2166, the one place they’re sure they can find Vandal Savage. It is also three days until Savage kills Rip’s wife and son. Rip takes the killer, klepto, and the pyro to a rally that Savage is having in which he will be out in the open and (hopefully) vulnerable.


There’s a woman at the rally though that Snart thinks made them. Kendra, back on the ship, gets a visual on the woman, and sees that she recognizes the bracelet that she’s wearing. The team follows them and they come to blows with Savages men, and Kendra tells Sara to take the bracelet. They’re unable to though, and Jax picks them up in the jump ship.

Back on the ship, Kendra explains to the others that objects present the night she died the first time could be used to kill Savage. Rip tells Sara to get to work training her, meanwhile he and some of the others head off to meet a resistance group that is approaching the ship. They’re reluctant, but they accept that they’re not Savage’s men, and want to help.

“London is the last patch of free ground on the planet.”

While they’re biding their time at the resistance camp, Ray then asks Rip why he’s here, three days before the death of his family, and not trying to stop it. Rip then tells Ray he had tried. After his first attempt to kill Savage in ancient Egypt, he had come to 2166 to try and save them. Several times in fact, but the outcome was always the same.


The leader of the Resistance appears, demanding answers about who they are. She retina scanned them all and came up blank, other than three of them disappeared over 150 years ago. Rip says they don’t have the time to explain. Then they get the alert that the Delta Camp is under fire. The leader apparently trusts them enough to take them there.

Rip and Ray head back to the ship, and Ray wants to work with Stein to survey the wreckage to determine what type of weapons Stein is using. Snart and Rory work out a plan to steal the bracelet. Sara and Kendra get to work trying to figure out how to make a bracelet into a weapon, starting with Boardman’s books. The books don’t help, but the mace gives Kendra a vision which gives her an idea on how to defeat Savage.


“Your father sounds a lot like mine.”

The woman that has Kendra’s bracelet is training, and takes down several men on her own, suggesting that Snart and Rory have a tough fight ahead. Thankfully they have their guns. They don’t kill her though, because Snart got suspicious when she used his name, and they take her hostage. Back on the ship she says she knows who they all are, and they underestimate her. She’s not Savage’s lieutenant, she’s his daughter.


The team regroups and tried to figure out what to do now. Kendra thinks she knows what to do to defeat Savage. Rory wants to use the daughter to get to him, but Stein is against the dishonorable idea. Sara suggests they use her for info, and Snart volunteers.


She isn’t up for talking though, and points out she’s been prepared for this. Snart gets her talking though, by trying to relate about horrible fathers. Then she paints him the picture that Savage is using to conquer the world, the man who stood up to Per Degaton the madman. The man who she thinks is saving the world, especially since her mother was one who died when Per Degaton released the Armageddon virus.

“Now might be a good time to start praying.”

Kendra has Rory melt down the bracelet, and she pours the molten metal over Carter’s mace. Ray and Stein go over the data from the wreckage and realize that it wasn’t explosives that Savage uses. The craters were footprints. Savage sends the Leviathan after the refugee camp the team was at earlier. Stein and Ray evacuate them all to the WaveRider.


Once they’re all on board, the WaveRider lifts off and comes eye level to the Leviathan. The WaveRdier fires everything it’s got, but it isn’t enough to cause much damage. However it takes quite a bit, as the WaveRider crashes, but before Rip can get them cloaked the Levitathan already located them and would be there within an hour.


Rip then says they need to escape on the JumpShip, but Stein refuses to abandon the refugees. Then he notices that the crash injured him and he has a projective sticking out of his abdomen. He’s taken to the med bay where he tells Jax that he can’t abandon the people.

“I’m betting you’re smarter than I am.”

Snart is still trying to talk to Cassie, by pointing out that Savage is a power hungry tyrant. He releases her form her cell and takes her to visit the refugees. He points out that her father sent a 200 foot robot to take on unarmed civilians who just wanted to escape his reign of terror. She still maintains that he was fighting radicals and attempting to get her back.


When that doesn’t work, Snart knows just what will convince her. He tells her how it was Savage who released the Armageddon virus and manipulated Per Detaton. Seeing is believe though, and he has Giddeon pull up the footage from that day in Kasnia.

Rip is wallowing in the dark when Ray finds him. When Ray fails to convince Rip it’s not hopeless on his own, Kendra and Snart appear. Ray can stop the robot, Kendra has a way to kill Savage, and Snart’s new bestie has a way to get them in. Rip does a complete 180 and now thinks fate brought them all together to change the future.


“They showed me the truth of what you’ve done.”

Jax helps Ray superpower his suit with energy from the WaveRider. I’m not going to attempt to recap the pseudo-science, but the result is Ray now grows instead of shrinks, making him the same size at the Leviathan. [Metal pounding and scraping] [Tense Music] [Crashing and Rumbling] Ray seems to be on par with the Leviathan.


Cassie returns to Savage’s base, and he embraces her. Then he realizes that she isn’t wearing the bracelet though, and jumps to the realization he betrayed her. She hardly denies it and instead confronts him about the circumstances surrounding her mother’s death.

The team then surrounds him. Savage senses Kendra nearby, but is confident that she can’t harm him. Kendra swoops in and takes him away while the team takes on Savage’s men. After a few swings of her mace, Savage starts to realize that she can hurt him now. Right before she can deliver the killing blow however, one of Savage’s men stops her. She fights him until he’s unconscious on the floor and she sees his face: it’s Carter.


Savage says that he took precautions, when he found him and he had no memory of his past incarnations he locked his mind away. He tells Kendra if she kills him now, he will never have full control of his mind.

“Destiny is nothing more than the sum of our own choices.”

Ray takes down the Leviathan in a show of sparks. Things look a little bleaker for the team who are facing reinforcements. Rip finds Kendra and says she needs to end Savage now. Kendra tells him what happened with Carter, and says she can’t do it. Rip then takes them both back to the ship. Then Kendra is faced with telling Ray what happened.


Rip goes to visit Savage in his cage. It is about as productive as you would think.

Assorted Musings

Why do Ray, Jax, and Stein have retina scans on file anyways?

Is there ANYONE on this show that Cold doesn’t have chemistry with? Him and Cassie sure hit it off quick I expect fan art any second now.


Every time I think we’re moving on from the whole “Carter/Kendra Destiny” bit it sucks us right back in. At least this time past!Carter doesn’t seem as insufferable and is encouraging Kendra to be an independent fighter.

I wish I had gifs of the Atom/Leviathan fight. If I see any later on I’ll add them. It was pretty spectacular considering it was on a TV budget.


So, Cassie isn’t a character from the books, but Savage does have a daughter and I’m wondering if they’ll introduce her in the future. Because who wouldn’t love to see a Brazilian lesbian mercenary who fights with lamentation blades?

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