Tom-o-rrow! ♫ Each reformed villain to understand, the power that’s inside! ♫ Oh, it’s you and me, I know it’s my DES-TIN-YYYY. ♫ Oh, you’re my best friend, in a world we must defend. ♫-Oh wait, wrong show. I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t fit though. And it’s getting hard writing the intro spoiler free. You all know what’s inside, let’s recap the latest LoT, Spoilers Ahoy!

“Are you impressed now?”

Let’s recall that first night on the roof, when the team talked about whether or not to join Rip Hunter. Leonard and Mick brushed him off, originally. Stein was needed to convince Jax, but when the Jax leaves, the Jax from the future comes with a message.

In the future, the team is imprisoned. Stein isn’t doing well with being unable to merge with Jaz. Men come to take Mick away for retraining as Cronos, and they take Kendra as well. Meanwhile, one of the Time Masters demand Rip’s help in finding the last of his crew. Rip, doesn’t want to help though, and instead he questions why they chose to work with Hunter.

Ten years after Vandal Savage conquers the world, it is attacked by the people of Thanagar. The Time Masters agree that without Savage to unite the world against the threat, they do not stand a chance. Rip disagrees, believing there has to be another way to stop them.

“This isn’t Bonny and Clyde.”

Leonard and Sara we able to escape the Time Master’s men when they search the ship, because Leonard made a careful study of all the ships hidey-holes. They have an argument about what their next move is though, Leonard wanting to leave and Sara wanting to rescue the team. Sara says that Leonard isn’t the same man he was before, and calls his bluff when he threatens to shoot her.



Then Gideon calls on the old fashioned phone telling them where to find the rest of the team.

Savage has both Kendra and Conner and is taking them back to 2166 for an ‘appointment with destiny’.

The Time Masters begin their work on turning Mick back into Cronos. They pull out his memories. And he seemingly only knows himself by the name Cronos. They release him and return to him his suit and sends him after Leonard and Sara.


“What about choice? What about free will?”

The Time Master Druce takse Rip Hunter to the Oculus, where the Time Masters can manipulate time in addition to observe it. It is how they have been manipulated Rip and his team to unintentionally help Savage gain power throughout the centuries since he started his mission. He even tells

Druce states that both the power of choice and free will are only applicable there, at the vanishing point with the Oculus, they see what will happen, not just a prediction or a possibility. Rip sees the future through the Oculus, including the war to come, and Ray being vaporized.


Ray denies that they had any control over him, and then Druce drops the biggest bomb: they counted on his anger, on his going rogue. Which is why they ordered Savage to kill his family.

“Even the best laid plans can go sideways.”

Rip returns to his cell surrounded by his team a defeated man. He tells the team about how they were all manipulated from the beginning.


In the past, or rather present, Jax recruits Stein’s help adjusting the jump ship to return to the present/future.

Sara and Leonard work with Gideon to get the time drive back online, and they take off. The Time Masters order all available ships to pursue. When they attempt to though, they find a surprise waiting for them. None of the ships are operational, and instead perform a musical number for them.

Druce heads to Rip and the team and orders their execution when a soldier appears to tell him that the WaveRider isn’t heading to the past or future, but the present. That’s when Sara knocks down a few walls and Leonard takes out Druce and his men, until Cronos enters. Mick survived the procedure though with himself intact, and sides with the team, crushing the man who put him through it again.


“Whatever you’re doing, do it faster.”

The team regroups in the WaveRider, but before they can escape the Time Masters grab hold of the ship with a tractor beam. Sara attempts to pilot them out while Ray and Rip work on overriding the beam, with the help of Cronos’s suit’s operating system. Eventually, they make it out.

Stein and Jax finished the work on the JumpShip, and Jax intends to pilot it back to the Vanishing Points. Jax also takes a moment to tell Stein that while he was insufferable, he forgives him eventually, and for roofie-ing him as well. Stein denies wanting to hear about the future, but says something must have gone wright as evidenced by this version of Jax himself.


Back on the WaveRider the Rip fills in the rest of the team on the powers of the Oculus and how the Time Masters were manipulating them this whole time. They talk of Paradoxes and the concept of free will, but are unsure how to proceed knowing that their decisions can be influenced by them.


Then Ray suggests they take the guesswork out of it and take out the Oculus itself. Rip says that Druce did mention that the Vanishing Point itself is outside of the control of the Oculus.

“I think it’s about time we seized our destinies back.”

Stein takes a look at the Oculus and everything they know along with a few calculations of his own to come up with a plan. Ray is going to blow up its power source while the rest of the team hold of the Time Masters’ men. They walk right into a trap though, as it appears that they were waiting for them. Druce calls it destiny.


Before they can execute the team, however, Jax arrives in the JumpShip and takes them all out on his own. Him and Stein merge to form Firestorm, and they all head out to the Oculus itself. Ray gets to work, and after a few moments Rip realizes that this was what the Oculus showed him, this is how Ray dies. Rip warns him, but Ray says that he wanted to make a difference, and a future without the Time Masters counts.

Savage arrives along with the Hawks in London in 2166. He sets out to kill Rip’s family. He finds them easily enough.

A few moments later, Ray realizes how he dies. There’s a failsafe to prevent tampering, and he has to maintain contact to keep it from undoing what he did to it. Mick doesn’t like that though, and knocks him out and maintains it himself and tells Rip to get Ray out of there. Rip shrinks Ray down and takes off.


“My old friend, please forgive me.”

Rip grabs the rest of the team and they head for the WaveRider. When Leonard realizes that Mick isn’t there, Rip tells him that he elected to stay behind so the rest of them could escape. That doesn’t sit well with him though so he goes after him, with Sara following. Now it’s Mick’s turned to be knocked out, and Leonard tells Sara to bring him out. She does, but after stealing a kiss from him.



The Time Masters and their men surround Leonard, but they are too late, and an explosion appears to take out most (if not all) of the vanishing point. The WaveRider makes it away safely, with the rest of the team on board. The ream mopes a bit around the main chambers, but Rip is hidden away in the cargo hold, asking Gideon about his family. There is no timeline data, but news accounts confirm that Savage killed Miranda and Jonah.

Ray and Mick also have a bit of a connection.



In 2166 Savage returns to his ship after killing Rip’s family. He attempts to get ahold of Druce, but the man who answers the call informs him that Druce is dead and they have lost the ability to manipulate time. Kendra laughs at him, thinking him defeated. Savage says that he has a time ship now, even without the help of the Time Masters he can change the world.

Assorted Musings

The twist of the Time Masters manipulating Rip and his team into actually helping Savage was an odd one, but I accept it. It made for an interesting story up until this point, and looks like it will continue to do so.


Also the twist of Jax probably giving Stein the idea of drugging him to get him on the ship was a nice addition. It seemed out of character in the beginning, but now…idk. It could be the writers trying to fix some of their mistakes, but it’s something.

Watching Sara pilot the ship gave me a lot of joy. As did seeing Jax show up the old version of Stein and fix the JumpShip.

I love the character development we’ve seen this season. It’s nice for me to see characters who I didn’t like in the beginning win me over, and unlikely pairings that just work well together. More Ray & Mick please.


[SPOILERS FOR SEASON 2] Wentworth Miller is going to exit Legends of Tomorrow as a series regular after this season, but he will still guest start on the show in addition to Flash. This is horrible news, and good news. Despite his death on the show, he is not gone for good which makes me smile a little bit.