It’s the first season finale for Legends of Tomorrow, and boy did they go out with a bang. Don’t worry though, the show has been picked up for a second season. Hopefully the wait will be worth it. Spoilers ahoy!

“Since when did you become such a history buff?”

The team is still reeling from the loss of Leonard, and Kendra and Carter are still at the mercy of Vandal Savage in the future. Rip Hunter takes the team back to their home in 2016, saying that without Kendra and with Savage having his own ship, Savage is lost to time. The team doesn’t like being left behind though, but Rip is one step ahead with a hologram of himself leading them while he is still aboard the ship. He then takes off to return their younger selves to the timelines.

The time that he left them isn’t in January, right after they left, but in May, aligning the show with both Arrow and Flash. Sara heads to the Quiver to find her father, after first trying to get ahold of Laurel and failing. Then if falls to Quinten to tell her what happened while she was away.

In Central City, Mick tries to go back to his crime fighting ways, with a new partner. That doesn’t go so well, so he agrees to talk to with Ray who shows up with a getaway car. Ray tries to apologize for Snart dying, but they both knew he didn’t do anything without a plan. Ray postulates that Snart did have a plan, that Ray would be Mick’s new partner, and they can finish what they set out to do.

Stein is enjoying a quiet night in with the missus, sipping on white wine. He says that while he was on “sabbatical” he left something unfinished. The next day he gets Jax, and they head back to where the WaveRider took off, where they meet Ray, Mick, and Sara.


“You should be afraid.”

Rip is coasting through time and space, hoping for any sign of Savage, when he gets a message from Star City in 2016. Stein and Ray continue working on devices that should be able to reach the WaveRider, until it appears. They insist that Rip can’t ditch them, and that he needs them to take down Savage.

Kendra manages to escape Savage, in Saint-Lo France in 1944. She runs into a soldier, Sgt. Rock, and uses his helmet and some borrowed paper to write a message. Then Savage appears and she takes him on in single combat, but loses because he has the knife.


Once on board the WaveRider, Sara sticks a knife to Rip’s throat and accuses him of knowing that Laurel was going to die, and dropping her off after her death was intentional. She demands that he take her back so that she can save her sister. He blasts here with an electronic device, and Mick takes her to her room.


Then the helmet that Kendra left a note on makes some noise as it rolls across the floor, and Rip realizes that temporal anomalies can physically move an object, and that it has some significance. Then he finds Kendra’s note. He plots a course for the right time and place.

“Please try very hard not to kill me.”

Savage recaptures Kendra, and her and Carter are once again locked up on Savage’s time ship. He takes samples of their blood, claiming it to be the key to unlocking Thanagarian technology. He also states that it was Thanagarian technology which gave the three of them their powers, and that with it he can erase time, travel back to their first lives in 1700 BC and begin life anew.


Rip goes to see Sara once she awakens, hoping to find her in a more understanding mood. She insists that she wants to go back to save Laurel still. Rip explains to her that when she left, it altered the timeline. If she had stayed, Laurel still would have died, but her and her father would also have as well. Rip says if they were to go back, that is what would happen.

The team makes it back to 1944 and Gideon is able to locate Savage, if not Kendra and Carter. Savage is taking on Nazis, which means when the team arrives they kick everyone’s ass. Meanwhile, Rip finds signs of a time ship, and Firestorm is able to find the ship and free Kendra and Carter. Before they can escape though, Kendra is shot down.

“This is the craziest of bad guy plans in the history of bad guy plans.”

Carter is able to make it to the WaveRider, and he tries to explain what he knows of Savage’s plans regarding their blood and the meteors and traveling back to their origin days. Firestorm tries out a new power: transmutation. He was able to do it without thinking when attacked with Nazis, but trying to do it on purpose proves tough. While working on it Stein gets an idea on what Savage is planning though.


Stein believes that Savage is going to use the three meteors and the Hawks’ blood to destroy the Earth in three time periods, which would create a temporal paradox and return Earth to the point of the first chronothermic reaction (AKA when it all started in Egypt in 1700 BC).

They start thinking of when Savage is going to target them, and Stein points out that he had one in 1958 when there was a ‘rare alignment with the Earth and Thanagar’ though it’s not clear how or why Stein knows this. The second one, obviously, was in 1944 where they just were, but it wouldn’t be of use to him then. Stein calculates that the next years Earth and Thanagar are in alignment are 1975 and 2021.

In Harmony Falls in 1958, Savage has a secret meeting, with himself, and he recruits him to his own cause.


“Well…I think that’s our cue.”

The team makes a plan, and Stein points out that the radiation from the meteorites will make Savage vulnerable, and even mortal. They plan on attacking all the time periods they believe Savage is going to set off the world ending catastrophes and killing him in them all, simultaneously.

Rip and Carter head to St. Roch in 2021 where we see Savage and Kendra with the meteorite. Ray and Mick head to Harmony Falls in 1958. Sara, Jax and Stein see themselves with the nuke from their first trip to Norway in 1975.


Then Savage begins the ritual in all three time periods. The team takes on Savage’s men in all time periods in order to get to them. When Kendra sees Carter fighting she’s able to escape her containment and join the fray as well. Kendra is the first to kill Savage, stabbing him with the knife. Then Mick with his flame thrower. Then Sara with her own bare hands.


Before the Savage in 2021 dies though, he makes sure to tell Rip that his death does not save the life of his family. Rip tosses him into a mechanical something that electrocutes him and speeds up his death.

“I’ll have no one else die for my choices.”

When the meteorites start glowing, the teams take care of them in their own way. Atom shrinks it down, Firestorm uses his new transmutation powers to turn it to water, and then both those teams return to join the rest of the team in 2021, where neither Atom or Firestorm’s tricks work because it’s too far progressed.


Rip takes the WaveRider and uses it to transport the meteorite into the Sun, with the WaveRider and Rip as well. The team tries to talk him out of it, but Rip is determined to finish this, and the team has no choice but to let him go with no way of stopping him.


Rip awakens to the sound of his wife and son calling out for him. He sees them aboard the ship and walks towards them, and hugs them tight. The he awakens for true, to Gideon’s voice this time. Neither one of them is ready to die, so Rip comes up with a plan to launch the meteorite into space and make one more time jump. He makes it back to the team 20 minutes before he launched it.

Rip says that he’s ready to take them back to their own world in 2016. However, his job isn’t finished yet. Despite Savage being three times dead, the timeline is in peril and with the destruction of the Oculus, the Time Masters have been displaced. He says it’s up to him now to protect the timeline, and any of them if they’d care to join them.


“Wanderlust.” “It could also be used to describe that look in your eye.”

The team does return to 2016 again. Sara visits Laurel’s grave with her father. She says that she wants to stay and help Darhk, but Quinten says that while he doesn’t understand much about her time travel shenanigans, it sounds important and he urges her to go. Stein’s wife is also the one to convince him to go when he’s reluctant, and she brings Jax to make sure he agrees.

In 2013, Mick goes to visit Leonard, saying he just wanted to talk. He says he wanted to say something important, that he’d rather not leave unsaid. He tells Leonard he’s the best guy he ever knew. He doesn’t warn him about what is about to happen in just a few years time though. Ray and Rip meet up with him after to console him, though he doesn’t seem to want it.



Kendra and Carter are the only ones who choose to stay behind, because with Savage gone it’s their chance at a fresh start. Mick says he only gives them three months though before they’re back. When the team is about to leave though, another WaveRider crash lands right in front of them. Out comes a man demanding to know if this was May 2016, then saying to Rip that he is dead if they get on that ship, or at least that’s what Rory told him to say. The man is Rex Tyler, a member of the Justice Society of America.


Assorted Musings

The first drop off in 2016 seemed pretty pointless to the plot other than to tell Sara that her sister died. Their whole stay was over pretty quickly.

Why are they still calling him Carter? Shouldn’t he have a new name since he reincarnated into a new life? He even says “oh yeah, my name used to be Carter Hall”.


There has to be thousands of helmets that look like that one, and Kendra just knew it would be the same one that Rip has on his ship?

Two-part question: 1. How exactly are Earth and Thanagar ‘in alignment’ if they’re not in the same solar system? 2. How and why is Stein able to predict when they are ‘in alignment’ readily?

So we’re ending on Kendra and Carter being destined after all?

Rex Tyler was the superhero Hourman in the Golden Age of comics, the first to take the mantle. (He is even credited as Hourman on IMDB).


Justice Society was a precursor to the Justice League, but since there were no superheroes before Green Arrow and Flash in this DCTVU I’m wondering how that will play out in the timeline, and which members we will eventually get to see. (I still want my Green Lantern!) Marc Guggenheim said in an interview that we will “see even more DC characters in Season Two. By a large margin.”