The second part of the two part premiere aired last night, and I think the second was a much stronger episode of the two. The show is pretty ambitious, but it manages to capture on film what makes comics (and time travel ones at that) enjoyable. Spoilers Ahoy!

“Half of what you told us about the mission turned out to be lines.”

The team travels to the fjords of Norway, on Rip Hunter’s hunch that that is where Savage is during the time period. His lead may be solid, but his leadership is in question. None of the team wants to follow his lead.


Captain Cold takes the lead as the one who will likely have the most familiarity with the type of people they’re trying to infiltrate: international terrorists. Stein helps seal the deal though with his knowledge of historical terrorist events and his ability to have just the right attitude that is necessary to get back the thugs.

When they arrive on scene though, they realize the miscalculation, Savage is the seller, not the buyer. He then senses that the Hawks are nearby. He’s not the only one the team needs to keep their eye on, as Damian Darhk also makes an appearance. However, it’s still Savage that makes them and we get our first full on action sequence with the team.

Heat Wave: “Can I burn some stuff now?”

Captain Cold: “I wish you would.”

Savage sets the timer on the Nuclear Warhead once the team turns the chaos to their advantage. After Atom fails to disable it, Firestorm takes it out to a safe distance and absorbs the energy into himself.


“Time is like cement, it takes time to become permanent.”

Back on the Waverider, Rip Hunter is disappointed. Even though the team won, they made a fatal error. Part of Atom’s suit fell off giving Savage and his men advance technology that they can use to make more dangerous weapons. Fortunately, they still have the chance to repair the damage.

Alpha particles can lead them to the other piece of Atom’s suit. They need a way to track it down, but their resources in this age are limited. They do know one person that had the tech in this era-a younger Stein. Old Stein, Jax, and Sara are off to see him. They try to sneak it away, but resort to the old standby of knocking him out and taking what they need.


Kendra finds an article clipping that her son had, of the dagger that Savage used to kill them in their first life. They know that artifacts from their first lives can be used to harm of kill Savage, so they know they should track it down. It was sold in an auction recently.


The team doesn’t quite trust Captain Cold and Heat Wave off on their own, so Ray tags along. First Ray sets off the dummy alarm that alerts the guards, then gets him and Cold imprisoned in a cage. Snart and Ray have a bit of a conversation regarding their current lifestyle choices, and while it isn’t yet up to Cold-Flash levels of awesome banter, it does have potential. Cold also has the runner up for line of the night:

“Raymond, you don’t sneak into a candy store and steal one gumball.”

“I’m not afraid of my past, I’m just unwilling to believe you’re my future.”

Kendra and Carter take front and center for a good portion of the episode, which makes sense as it’s their story more than the others. Kendra tries to remember their first lives, because even with the dagger someone has to be able to read the inscription on it.


Kendra struggles with Carter’s stubborn assertion that they belong together as a couple. He admits that maybe he was taking their relationship for granted, because in his mind they had been together for 4,000 years. We some growth from him as he says he doesn’t need her to fall in love with him in this lifetime, or for as many as she needs. In the past, we see Carter giving her the dagger, and she reads the inscription out loud.

Sara, Jax and Stein are then able to use the device they stole from the younger Stein to locate Savage’s base of operations. The line of the night goes to Sara:

Jax: “Shouldn’t we handle this? I mean, you’re pretty stoned.”

Sara: “I could be unconscious and still be able to kick the ass of a few rent-a-thugs from 1975.”


And then she proceeds to. Once the thugs are out of the way she grabs the device and waltzes out.

“Time changes, people don’t.”

Now is when things start to go a bit more sour. The house that Cold, Heat Wave, and Atom broke into belongs to none other than Savage himself. Stein, Jax, and Sara return to the Waverider, to find that Young Stein followed them.


Not only does Savage get the jump on them, he’s able to discern that they’ve come from the future to get him. Cold contacts the ship and the rest of the team is on their way.

Firestorm blasts his way in and gets the guys out. Cold hands over the dagger to Hawkman and he and Hawkgirl head in after Savage. The rest of the team takes on the goons outside.


Hawkman utters the poem inscribed on the dagger and then plunges it into Savage. It doesn’t kill him however, and he turns it on Hawkman without the ceremony of the inscription. He says that only Hawkgirl can be the one to use the dagger against him as he drains Hawkman’s life force.

Hawkgirl throws herself into the fight with Savage but she’s overpowered. Savage punges the dagger into her as well, but the team is able to rescue and recover her before Savage was able to take her life force as well.

After they get Kendra back to the ship, her condition begins to stabilize with the help of Gideon. Rip Hunter also helps Stein repair the timeline in regards to his meeting his wife.


“Or make another play at becoming legends.”

The team decides that they have two options: Return to their own time and live with the knowledge that they lead pretty insignificant lives, or find another time and place to attempt to take down Savage. They toast to Carter and decide on the second.


Assorted Musings

I love the time travel shenanigans so far. Young and Old Steins interactions were great. As was his objections to Sara and his younger self flirting.


Jokes aside, we got to see some character depth throughout the episode that was fantastic.

Carter’s story here was the first time I didn’t find him completely insufferable and I’m glad we got that before his death.

So with Carter’s death does that mean there’s a chance they’ll bring in a different incarnation of him? Would that mess up the Hawkman/Hawkgirl dynamic they kind of set up in the beginning?


Ray and Snart are looking to be an interesting pairing. Heat Wave seems to be getting pushed aside a bit though and I hope that doesn’t stick.

White Canary is more of Gray Canary.

I don’t know about you, but I’d say that looks like Jonah Hex wanted poster that Rip Hunter has on his wall. This is the only shot we see of it too.


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