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Lego Doctor Who is One Step Closer 2: The Closening

Discodave already told us about the first Doctor Who project to enter CUUSOO's Review stage recently, but now the odds of Doctor Who Lego just got a little bit better - yet another Who idea has hit 10,000 supporters, and it's a doozy!

Doctor Who and Companions by Andrew Clarke was one of the first Doctor Who projects to hit CUUSOO after Lego's announcement that ideas using the IP would be considered again. It had an early lead before being rapidly overtaken by Glenbricker and Kaminoan's Doctor Who project, but has since steadily trucked on before finally hitting the needed 10,000 supporters to move into the next Lego CUUSOO review last night.


The set itself is wonderfully thought out - Not only would it come with two Doctors and two accompanying Companions (Clarke has suggested either 10/Rose or 12/Clara for NuWho, and then the Fourth Doctor and one of his many companions to represent Classic Doctor Who), but also an incredibly detailed TARDIS model that can either displayed as its Police Box shell on Totters lane, or opened up to become the walls of the Console room alongside a lovely Lego Console based on the most recent interior design that débuted in The Snowmen. It's a great way of incorporating the TARDIS' own 'bigger on the inside' technology into a playable Lego set! Here's Clarke himself showing off the prototype model for the project in a short video:

The only concern with this project is a recent ruling made by CUUSOO after two Ghostbusters projects faced against each other in a review process last year. Lego decided that going ahead, if more than one idea based on the same IP made it to the same review stage, the idea that hit 10,000 supporters first would be considered before the other, regardless of scope or quality. It'll be interesting to see how and if Lego consider this project against Glenbricker's idea - which seems to focus more on good minifigures, whilst this one focuses on an interesting Lego building set - but it'll be a while before we see. The Deadline for the current CUUSOO review ends in May, and the results won't be known until September. Will Doctor Who get its own Lego Set? It's not a guarantee, but with two excellent ideas in the same CUUSOO review, let's hope Lego take the hint...

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