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Lego MRI Set Built For Hospital

Lego a company that makes toys exclusively for children to play with, has built a scale model of an MRI machine and donated the set to the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading. Normally the company offers to donate regular Lego sets and boxes of bricks to children's wards for the patients to play with, but this time the staff of the RBH had a special request. They believed that having the Lego MRI would enable them to better explain the procedure to children, hopefully relieving some of the stress. As an adult who has several MRIs and didn't like them at all, I can't even imagine how scary it must be for a child.

Ian Moore, a Technical Support Consultant for Lego in the United Kingdom, built the set and delivered it to the hospital. Mr. Moore already has a pretty spectacular job in my opinion, but I'm sure being able to provide this specialized service for these kids made it that much more rewarding. Here he is delivering Lego sets to another hospital in Warwick last January.


Hopefully Lego can take this to the next step and start producing similar sets for donation to hospitals all over the world through their charity division The Lego Foundation.

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