One of the first posts I made for nu-Kinja earlier this year was to show off my Lego Jabba's palace and desert skiff, lamenting that my display was missing the then-upcoming Sail Barge. But after a few hours of brick building this Christmas, I got to finish it!

Coming in at about 850 pieces in total, the Khetanna (did you know that was the name of Jabba's Ubrikkan Industries Luxury Sail Barge? I didn't! There's a bloody name for everything in the EU these days) is a pretty neat model in how it all comes together. It's built on actual wheels so it floats just above ground like it's hovering - also makes it very good for swooshing around like you've got the mental age of a 6 year old, like me - and the sides and back are all built on hinges so you can open them up to look inside.

There's... also a old-timey cannon hidden in the front of the barge?


Huh. That wasn't in the film. If it was, Jabba could've used that thing to blow up the skiff with Han, Chewie, Lando and Luke on when they started fighting. And cut the movie short pretty quickly in the process!

The Barge's interior is bulked out a bit with a small jail cell and a little kitchen for some minion to rustle up blue-y coloured grub for Jabba (whose tail pokes through into the kitchen!) and his guests, and then...


... there's Jabba's throne away from home, complete with Slave Leia in chains (I wanted to try and put her choking Jabba out, but the chain was too short) and the most adorable little Max Rebo, jamming away on his space-keyboard - which Wookieepedia informs me is actually called a Nalargon, or Red Ball Jett Keyboard. Told you they had a name for everything!

And here's everything all together now:


I was considering buying a second skiff to be true to the sarlacc scene, as well as source some individual minifigs like a C-3PO (who somehow managed to not show up in the 23 minifigures spread across these 4 sets!) and some extra goons for Jabba, but for now it feels nice and complete. Perhaps I should start collecting the Endor sets too, and have the whole movie in Lego form... that might be too crazy, even for me!