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Lego toy photography and sexism?

Over at the /r/Lego sub on Reddit, a user posted a picture he took of his Chemist minifig (from the 'Research Institute' set) standing over a flaming mishap with a distressed look on her face, and two Hazmat Guys standing on the other side. [Top photo]

Obviously he did it for fun, he took his awesome Lego, placed them in a comical setting, and shared the picture with everyone. Toy photography, it's a thing (I do it too).

Things turned controversial when commenters called the picture sexist. Since the female chemist caused the fire and spill, her incompetence was highlighted; her facial expression didn't show courage; and was a "damsel in distress" who needed Hazmat GUYS to help and rescue her. The picture is contrary to the purpose of the 'Research Institute' set, that of having strong, educated girls in positions of merit.


I can understand why people may see it that way, by making the female chemist a screwup, then having men come to the rescue, it undermines the set's purpose in a way. But I see the fun in the picture more than anything else, it's cool seeing Lego toys in situations like this, makes me smile.

Attached at the bottom is a picture I took with my 'Research Institute' minifigs, what would your interpretation of that be?

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