Heck yes I will gladly steal content from Buzzfeed because it's actual content of theirs, not content they scraped off the side of the Internet. They claim it's what happens when you ask Brits to label the US. It could just as easily be USicans asked to label the US, but, to make Buzzfeed happy, I'll agree and say it's Brits. Why not. Above is Entry #1 "Texas is Nevada".

Entry #2: "Louisiana is swamps"

Entry #3: "New York is Washington"


Entry #4: "Colorado is Oklahoma and Doctor Who joke"

Entry #5: "Kansas is Wyoming"


Entry #6: "Wyoming is North Utah"

Entry #7: "New Mexico is Hmm"


Entry #8: "Nebraska is Further South Dakota"

Entry #9: "Nebraska is Iowa"


Entry #10: "Alaska is Hawaii"

Entry #11: "Pennsylvania is Philadelphia"


Entry #12: "Montana is Wyoming?"

Entry #13: "Colorado is Potatoes?"


Entry #14: "Colorado is Squaresies"

Entry #15: "48 states are ________"

Bonus stage: Like showing off your own skills? Here's a map to use!


Bonus stage #2: If you're from the US and you want to show off your UK knowledge, there's a map for that.


I would label zero of those correctly.

Bonus stage #3: bonus stage #2 is apparently partially inaccurate due to the invention of new parts of England within the last few years. My apologies. I am attempting to find a better UK map. If I don't find any, send help.