Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I was an asshole as a teen. I have mellowed out a bit since, but damn I just played COD online with my 16 year old cousin for a while, and jesus!

He has surpassed me in everyway, the things he said were so offensive but so well crafted. It is so insane the shit he would say to the other players then he would smile as they got so angry. I spent the whole time laughing because well I couldn't help myself. He spewed the worst racist, insulting, degrading comments, and misogynistic things that I don't know how he came up with such insults.


My insults were always personal, I found your weak spot and exploited it. He just throws them everywhere see what sticks and runs with it. I don't know whether to hit him upside the head or high five him.

Have you spent anytime with someone who is such an asshole or troll you just can't help but laugh, and be amazed yet horrified how someone can say those things. I'll add that now I understand that teens are the worst, and I was one of the worst.

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