I just discovered that in 1978, Tom Baker recorded five episodes of a series called Late Night Story for the BBC, only four of which were actually transmitted (the fifth one below, wasn't aired because of a BBC strike, but was included as an extra on the DVD re-release of the Key to Time boxed set.) Each 20 minute episode featured Baker reading a macabre bedtime story about childhood directly to the camera, though having watched at least three of them now, for the life of me, I have no idea what age group this series was meant to target.

Perhaps it was the BBC's way of thumbing its nose at the obnoxious "moral crusader" Mary Whitehouse, who had taken issue with Doctor Who the previous year, claiming it was too violent and scary for young audiences. There's nothing like a little Nigel Kneale to send the kiddies off to bed with visions of soul-stealing daguerreotypes dancing in their heads.

Sweet dreams, O-Deckers!