Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

…according to my sleeping brain.

Illustration for article titled Let me tell you how the next series of Doctor Who will go…

After regenerating into Peter Capaldi The Doctor will become lost. he won't appear until late in the series, I don't know when because in my dream state I only saw the first two episodes, which had aired in America before the UK for whatever reason.


So the series, initially at least, will follow the exploits of Clara and new companion Idris Elba as they fly around the universe in the TARDIS looking for The Doctor. Clara only has basic TARDIS piloting skills, and Idris Elba none at all, so they mostly crash land, and the TARDIS usually ends up lying on its side.

Since The Doctor isn't present the TARDIS herself is giving her occupants minimum help. Most of the interior is unavailable to them and the control room appears like a large featureless hangar with just the control desk in the middle.

I hope they find The Doctor soon. I wonder where he can be?

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