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Marvel just announced all the movies while simultaneously dropping all the mics. And that sound you heard was tumblr imploding.

First up Captain America: Civil War:


From the press release, "its hero vs hero". Meaning Cap versus Iron Man! Now I'm really hoping that they take the bare bones of the Civil War which is Cap vs. Iron Man and make more about how Tony fucks up in AoU. The best part though is that this will be the debut of Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa the Black Panther in the middle. This all but confirms Wakanda will figure somehow into AoU. From the Marvel live blog:

Events of the whole cinematic universe will make all governments in the world want regulation. Not so much about secret identity, but about who reports to who

So fucking excited.

Next we got Doctor Strange:


No real news about the film except for that if it had been cast they would have announced it. And Feige said things like parallel worlds being explored along with things like quantum mechanics and string theory. Is the magic of the MCU going to be just really advanced science like Thor said? I'm really hoping not and they just go with magic being real.

Followed by Guardians of the Galaxy 2


Only real news is its coming two months earlier than expected. With the fact that Avengers three is being split into two films and there is an Inhumans film coming will GOTG 2 help set up Thanos up in part 1 of the Infinity War? In the comics Thanos has both been a adversary of both GOTG and the Inhumans so heres hoping they pull on some of that.

Next up is Thor: Ragnarok:


Will this be styled over the couple of story arcs called Ragnarok from the comics in which Thor seemingly dies or will this be a new take on the story of Thor battling the Midgard serpent? How does Loki posing as Odin affect this? And interestingly enough Feige says this will have a bigger impact on the MCU than the previous Thor movies. I wonder what that could mean, will we finally see Asgard interacting with the Marvel cosmic universe?

Finally we get a BLACK PANTHER movie:


Its been cast already with Chadwick Boseman in the lead as T'Challa the crown prince of the isolationist and technology advanced country Wakanda. Chadwick Boseman has been appearing in TV over the last few years and starring in mostly biopics and he is a really fantastic actor.


From the press release it seems like this movie will show how Wakanda reacts to being unveiled to the world and how T'Challa maybe becomes king.

Next up Avengers INFINITY WAR PART 1:


We knew this was coming since Thanos was teased ing the after credits of the Avengers. Thanos is such a big threat they split the third movie into two. Holy shit. Will Part 1 be Thanos collecting the stones? Will it feature some cosmic heroes? New heroes? So many questions!

After Part 1 of the Infinity War its Captain Marvel:


YASSSSSS!!! I can't think of a more wanted movie that Captain Marvel, and its finally happening. And yes it will star Carol Danver! What's interesting is that this is between Infinity War part 1 and 2. Will at the end of this film fast forward to Carol joining the Avengers. Does this point to Infinity War being set in space for the most part? Maybe Thor leads a new squad of Avengers in space? Please Marvel cast Katee Sackhoff PLEASE.

Looking on capitalizing on the success of GOTG, Marvel continues to embrace its weirdness with Inhumans:


Look at that font! This is also set before Infinity War part 2, but its more likely this takes place in space, chronicling the power dynamics of Inhuman and their politics. I am so excited to see Black Bolt and Medusa kicking ass taking names. I also predict that Lockjaw will be the next Groot:


And the conclusion to Phase Three Avengers Infinity War Part 2. What will this look like? How much from the various Inifity storyarcs will they pull will Death make an appearance?

Heres an image from io9 of Thanos holding the Gauntlet:


How does Ant-Man fit into this? This totally makes Skye an Inhuman right? Will they finally admit that the Maximoff twins will be Inhumans. Most notably absent is that the Hulk and Black Widow still don't have their own films. Though Feige said that they would be in each Avengers movie and feature prominently. Also of note after AoU Feige said the roster will change for Infinity War, would that mean more heroes will be introed aside from the Defenders and AoU heroes.

Speculate away on how Phase three will play out, who should be cast in what, and what this means for Phase four?

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