Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So today we get Merle's remdemption....Ehh....Sorta.

So let's state that Merle was an asshole throught the whole series.
He was a jerk, a douche, technically looked out for himself except when he needed to protect Daryl, and he was just going to survive by any means.
This is the episode that Merle is no more.

So the basics of this episode was:

-Rick goes with the plan to give them Michonne
-He talks to Merle.
-Rick has second thoughts and now doesn't want to give up Michonne
-Daryl and Merle talk about their life
-Later, Merle nocks out Michonne before Rick talks to him
and then we get some Merle exposition while Michonne is dragged around.

We get some good zombie kills, we get a good line from Michonne, and we get a "OH, come on now" when we see the car that Merle takes to be completely clean in another scene, before Merle's last stand.


Merle just goes into a full on commando scene, taking some walkers with him as fodder and killing most of the Gov's men, before the Gov goes Jason Voorhees on him.

Later on we see Rick saying the actual deal with the Gov.to his people ....which was meh.
Now, the last scene with Daryl....Yeah, it as sad....but not the sad you think it was.
Even what Merle try to do, I just didn't give a fudge about what he did at the end.Hell, I think he made it frakking worse.
But Daryl just losing it at the end....Yeah, let me give you a hug:

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

Daryl losing it be seeing his zombie brother is the scene that makes me want to hug this Kawaii of a man.
Anyway, next week is season finaly and I guess we know if Ty is coming on the Rick Train or not.

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