Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Let's ask again - what's the point of MCU?

At least when it comes to the TV side of it? I came across this article, and it once again reminded me that the TV shows are treated as second-class citizens. They try to reference the movies and score cameos, but is that enough?


As per the article, basically nothing substantial from the movies had much influence on Agents of SHIELD after The Winter Soldier. Sure, there was the hellicarier, Sif cameos and references, but it’s just like a kid telling us he knows “the guys”. Meanwhile, the movies almost totally ignore the show, barring a vague line or two in Ultron.


What’s more, the shows also don’t seem to connect to each other. Phil didn’t mention hearing about that crazy guy in Hell’s Kitchen. And even more surprisingly, there’s no mention of Daredevil and Fisk on Jessica Jones, even though the shows supposedly will crossover somewhere down the line.

To sum up, I get that the movies don’t want to alienate viewers by incorporating plot points from TV shows. But it would be nice to have some more trickling down to the shows, be it cameos (I’d settle for some Sam Wilson or Maria Hill on a video screen interacting with one of the cast) or plot points (something akin to the post-Dark World clean up, but a bit more substantial) or generally more influence. And I’d be elated if someone worked out a deal that would allow the Agents of SHIELD interact with the Heroes of Netflix.

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