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Tonight we see the return of Gotham and I for one can’t wait. I will be resuming my recapping duties for the O-Deck. But before the new episodes start, let us see where we have been on this crazy trip.

The subtitle of this season has been “Rise Of The Villians”. We’ve meet a proto-Joker by the name of Jerome. Sadly he went down in episode 5 but not without spreading some kind of Joker madness to the criminal population that was so vile and sinister it hasn’t been brought up again since he died in Episode 5. I guess they needed the screen time for Alfred hitting children. We are also going to meet Mr. Freeze and Dr. Huge Strange in the next batch of episodfes. The main plot thread was about Theo Galavan and the Order Of St. Dumas and their plans to exact revenge against the Waynes and reclaim power in Gotham. There has also been speculation that the Court Of Owls story line will be brought into the show so the Galavan story may be an entry point into that larger story line.


This season has also been about expanding on baddies introduced in Season 1. Edward Nygma has been slipping further and further into the Riddler persona, largely because the girl he was chasing and finally convinced to date him, learned he killed her former boyfriend. Because he told her.

We’ve seen Penguin slipping further towards the criminal mastermind he will become largely in part to the sudden death of his mother at the hands of Theo Galavan. And while he is still pre-acid to the face, Harvey Dent has been brought into the Gotham-verse. I would be shocked if we never see him make the transformation into Two Face and with villains being the theme of this season, this seems like the best time to do it.

But what else has this season brought on other than villains coming and going and more coming to replace them? We’ve got proto-Catwoman Selena committing murder, Alfred slapping Selena for said murder, a plot device computer that got shot by Alfred, resulting in him getting fired, but only until the end of the episode. Alfred is training Bruce to become a fighter, which lets him use his child hitting skills. Jim Gordon has been going down a dark path and even getting his mack on with Lee, played by the always amazing Morena Baccarin, hasn’t helped. Where will Jim go from here now that he has the blood of Theo Galavan on his hands?

I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface of the insanity that is this show. But I want to hear from the rest of the O-Deck. What are you looking forward to most with these new episodes? What did you like from the season so far?

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