Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Let's talk about Arrow. Spoilers, obviously.

>>Mod putting in a jump so that the spoilers aren't on the main page. <<

Let me start by saying, Thea you can't kill Captain Jack Harkness. BarrowMerlyn has already demonstrated this. I'm thinking it was the old, shoot someone behind them trope.


Summer Glau was looking mighty bad ass tonight. I don't care what unstoppable killing machine she plays, I love her.

As far as the episode goes, the city is in chaos. Marakura thugs are wreckin' shop. Wu Tang is nowhere around to bring the Ruckus when we need them most. It's looking pretty bleak.


Slade is super happy about this. Is the city the "person" Oliver loves the most? It would be a fitting metaphor and he is kinda crazy. No Deathstroke action tonight though. I like that they're saving it and only showing him fight in snippets. I can't wait to see this last battle.

We know the League of Assassins arrives in the next episode. I'm assuming Talia #2 and Canary will take out Glau while the other assassins work with Ollie to get the cure into the footsoldiers. Sneaky ninja immunization time!


I really hope we end up seeing Ollie begrudgingly team up with Merlyn to take down Slade. I'd like to see a bad, but redeemable Merlyn next season while Slade bides his time, waiting for revenge.

IMO, Slade is much more enjoyable as a regular guy. I want to see him kick Ollie's ass without the super strength. I *need* to see that arrow be put through his eye in the flashbacks.


Arrow has become the best show on TV. Game of Thrones level of badassery. This finale is going to be absolutely insane in all the right ways.

Also, does Anatole remind anyone else of Robin Williams?

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