Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Because, seriously, I need to know if season three is going to get better. I don't know know for sure if I can deal with that much unadulterated awesome. Spoilers, high points, and just random thoughts follow.

Shae: Seriously, how did they turn this character into something this cool? Also, how did she become Sansa's big sister? I can forgive it, though, because I want to like this show.
Lady Olenna: <a href="http://observationdeck.io9.com/i-think-you-wi…>I suspected she would be terrific. She isn't quite as cool as I imagined from the books, but I doubt that Game of Thrones will ever out-do her "lemon bar" line for both cuteness and vague menace.
Ygitte: I'm a sucker for redheads. Not even incomprehensibility can overcome it. I make no apologies. I love you, Rose Leslie! Call me! Fun fact: according to Wikipedia, she grew up in "Lickleyhead Castle," which, honestly, is just an oral sex joke waiting to happen. But it means he family is landed. Seriously, Rose, call me. I can avoid making the jokes.
Grenn: High point. What? I dig people looking out for those weaker than them.
Lord Mormont: "Tarly, I forbid you to die. D'ya hear me?"
Arya: Seriously, she is just about the only child actor I don't hate.
Rains of Catamere. 'Nuff said.
Thoros of Myr: I liked how he started out as a joke and Robert's drinking buddy in the books. Apparently, he's just competent and badass all the way through here.
Somebody: The arrow trick is a plus.
Shae and Tyrion: "(Sansa's) face is quite pleasing, to other men . . . and to women . . . people, in general! But not to me, of course!" Actually, screw it, this whole scene is a high point.
Thoros: "There's no story so good a drink won't make it better." I hear you, buddy. Time to pause and pour. Also, so he's a drunk in this one? Perfect! I can deal with it. I rather like the acto, too, so far, so that's a plus..
The Hound: They mention he's huge, but I'm not feeling it. The only scene so far in the series where I felt like he's as big as he's supposed to be is where he fought the Mountain.
The bridge: So, bridges had dirt on them in medieval times? I had no idea. Did people put it there intentionally, or did it just get carried by hooves and such? Also, I'm fairly certain that nobody on earth swordfights like that, with the edges clashing all the time, but I'll forgive it because it's cool.


All in all, season three is starting out better than I had hoped. "Where was episode one?" you might be asking, but you should know that predictability is boring. I'll write these things for the episodes I want to.

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