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Let's talk about Intelligence

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. SPOILERS below.

Actually, the pilot was pretty good. The question is - what will they do with it going forward.


We got introduced to the charming bad boy supercomputer Josh Holloway (Gabriel) and his reluctant babysitter/bodyguard Meghan Ory (Riley) (Sidenote: not that he needs a bodyguard, he's a perfectly capable Spec Ops veteran, just very brash and impulsive). They've got some chemistry, but hopefully without the will-they-won't-they, as Gabriel has a missing wife.

First episode deals with the rogue (or is it?) Chinese operative trying to make their own human supercomputer by stealing another chip from it's creator and coercing said creator into implanting it. Hijinks ensue, red herrings dangle, CGI overlays and augmented reality fight scenes commence.

What I liked:

Josh Holloway and Meghan Ory seem to work well together on-screen, Holloway's swagger is charming and just fun to watch, while Ory seems a competent agent that's very committed to her job, but at the same time not extremely beholden to regulations. Cool.


Their boss (Marg Helgenberger) also seems a very competent lady with a good head on her shoulders. While she (and everybody else) missed a mole in their ranks, she seems to understand the downsides of Gabriel's character and allows him to work on his side-project (finding his presumed-dead-and-traitor wife) so that he can do his job with a clear mind.

Acting, special effects and other technicalities were on par, I hope their budget will allow them to keep that up. (Sidenote: I wonder how fast will we get the "Vancouver area woods everywhere" syndrome from Stargate when it comes to locations).


What I didn't like:

I'm not sure how the overarching plot hinted at in the pilot (the search for the wife and unraveling the mystery behind her) and the terrorist threat of the week will work. I guess they'll try to somehow mix up the two, with hints about the arc coming from the episode's plot. Oh, and there's the stinger from the end of the episode. I'm just not impressed with what they are trying to stretch over the 20+ episode season. We'll see


So he's a supercomputer with a constant internet connection. He couldn't alert his boss when he found who the mole might be, and that he's being kidnapped, what's his location etc.?

So they take the baddies down and take the rogue operative into custody, but at the end we see the mole and a bunch of henchmen are at a new hideout, with the female Chinese human supercomputer. They allowed them all to escape with the bed-bound woman? The cavalry wasn't on their way to mop up right after the hero took care of everything (again, why wasn't Gabriel in constant comm with his team)?


All in all, it manged to not suck, but it had some problems, and like with all US broadcast shows, I wonder how will they stretch out the plot without boring or insulting the viewer's intelligence (wink wink nudge nudge). I'll give it a few episodes, I guess.

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