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So it's Doctor Who meets Torchwood, except more american and more fantasy than sci-fi.

I just watched the premiere I enjoyed it. Alas, the quality is about Torchwood seasons 1 and 2 (less leave your faith in humanity at the door stuff though). I haven't seen the previous movies so this was a whole new world for me. Noah Wyle plays a very Doctor-like figure (waaaay too Tennant at times), as the Librarian in charge of a Library that houses all the knowledge about magic (and science?) in the world. Stuff happens and he aquiares three Librarians-in-training, a Guardian (who saves their collective assses more than once) and whatever Jenkins is supposed to be.. Librarian and butler?


The premise is interesting and a lot of fun, but the writing is kind of terrible, especially for the first hour of the two-hour pilot. I mean why does a NATO Colonel (which I'm pretty sure isn't a real thing - you can be a colonel in a NATO army) press random buttons on a bomb's keyboard hoping it would disarm(!?) or trust the guy that looks pretty much insane and who just waltzed int your firefight. WTF? Second hour is a lot stronger and you can only drive a Mini trough the plot-holes.

Unfortunately they spend very little time exploring the characters that aren't Noah Wyle's Flynn, and unlike in Doctor Who, the "come with me if you want to live" moments are pretty much anti-climatic. So far I only care about Cassandra, and a little bit about Jenkins and Eve. Speaking of which, the romantic subplot between Rebecca Romijn and Noah Wyle's characters is only slightly vaguely set up, and yet the episode ends with a kiss with almost no chemistry and a promise to "come back alive." This show really need stop relying on the oldest tropes in the book.

Still, the cast is strong (mostly for their work in previous stuff) and it's a fun show, and I think it could definitely improve. I'm gonna give it a few more eps. For Bruce Campbell as Santa if nothing else. (And hopefully more Matt Frewer, too.) Anyone else watched it?

ETA: Just noticed Katherine had a review up on the mainpage. I swear I looked at the whole main page before starting to write this thing.


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