Because it's Friday, and why the hell not talk about Pokemon?

I love Pokemon. As soon as I watched the anime when I was a kid I was instantly hooked on all the adorable zaniness of the world. I wanted nothing more to be a real Pokemon trainer (and a Power Ranger. Sue me I was 9.)

And even now, as an adult (albeit a highly reluctant one) I still get chills thinking how AWESOME the next Pokemon games are gonna be. I already have both X and Y re-ordered and payed off. I still play Black 2 every other day or so, trying to fill out a little more of my Pokedex. Right now, I'm at 615/649 (mostly I'm missing rare ones like Cryogonal and limited distribution legendaries like Mew, Jirachi, Deoxys, etc), and I only pray they make transferring them all over to Gen 6 easier then they did from 4 to 5.

Okay, I'm done telling you all why I'll be alone forever and my best friend is a dog, so I'm gonna go on to some random musings. And random Pokemon pictures and gifs.


We need a better Anime
I still love the first 2 seasons of the Pokemon Anime. I even have them on DVD. Watching them is one of my ultimate guilty pleasures. But man oh man the anime today is just heart rending to watch. Instead, they need to just freaking scrap it and make an anime out of the amazing Pokemon Adventures manga. That thing is awesome. It has actual story arcs, character development, amazing fight scenes, great drama, high stakes, everything that makes for great TV.

They need to make enemy trainers have a wider variety of Pokemon

I am so sick and tired of having every enemy trainer along a Route (in the beginning and middle of the game at least) having almost the exact same Pokemon. It would be so cool if they would kind of randomize it a little. Like in every fight the game took the enemy trainers class (black belt, lad, lass, ranger, etc) and had them have a fixed number of Pokemon, but then pull those Pokemon from a pool of class specific Pokemon.


Let's take Lad class trainers, for example. They've always had the starter bird and rat Pokemon mostly (Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow, etc). So you make eye contact, and you start to battle. Now the Lad has 2 Pokemon, the game randomly selects 2 Pokemon from the Lad class pool to fight. So in one game that Lad may have a Pidgey and a Rattata, and in another game that same Lad may have a Bidoof and a Hoothoot. I think that would be awesome, and it would also let us not get burned out by seeing and fighting the same Pokemon over and over again.

Eevee is adorable


Seriously, look how freaking adorable it is. LOOK AT IT! So are it's Evolutions. Can't wait to add Sylveon to my team.

If GameFreak ever made a Pokemon MMO for the WiiU
I know I would buy one. And I'm sure millions of other people would too.

They need to make the villains more threatening


SERIOUSLY. They're supposed to be a criminal organization stealing Pokemon (most of them at least). They need better Pokemon and they need to act like villains.

I'm choosing Fenekin as my starter


She better not end up being Fire/Fighting type. Please be Fire/Psychic.

I want visible Pokemon accessories


They let us customize our trainer to an extent, LET ME PUT GOGGLES AND A SCARF ON MY PICHU!