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Let's talk SHIELD


I think I finally figured out what SHIELD's problem is, SHIELD the organization is way too incompetent for the sake of the show's plot when so far in the Marvel universe we have seen them be pretty competent. I mean NO ONE THOUGHT TO WATCH THE SON OF A HIGHLY DANGEROUS ASSET! And then when the kid gets kidnapped no one thought hmmm maybe we should get some support from the higher ups? This also shows the other problem SHIELD has, it can't be a ruthless super spy organization that employs Natasha Romanoff, and yet still be some paragon good that isn't willing to sacrifice agents or people to get shit done.

Ugh, the only reason I am even willing to keep wasting an hour of my week is because I love Coulson and Fitz-Simmons. But seriously at this point the Coulson reveal better be something fucking amazing or I am going to burn this mother to the ground. What did you guys think about the episode?


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