So ya’ll remember how last week I put up the post about Fall TV coming?

I realized that I forgot to put in the second half of my thought. (What. Sometimes my thoughts take days weeks a while to finish thinking. Don’t judge me.)

Anyway—to avoid that frantic race to be the first to post a recap, to form a more perfect union, and, mostly, to avoid the inevitable moment when we have to justify to ourselves—and the mods—the way that our post on the new show is different from the others . . .

I think we should pick some particular shows that EVERYONE is going to have opinions on, and set up megathreads where we insert all the topical posts for the week.


Specifically, we’ll launch the megathread with a link to the Spoiler-Friendly and Spoiler-Free Reaction posts. Then, as each recap comes in, we’ll add those. I’m thinking a fresh post for each week?

I did something similar on the fly for the AoS finale in May:


What do you guys think?