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LG G Watch Update

So uh my watch no longer works. Like at all. It will not turn on. Not through throwing it on the charger, which automatically turns it on, or by pushing the button on the back of it.

I've had it for not even a week and it goes without saying that I take care of my devices.

I've never gotten a defective anything in my life when it comes to gadgets, although they do happen to others I am told. So either I got a bum unit or something.


Either way this not good. This is made all the worse due to the fact that I pre-ordered through Best Buy. Since the device isn't sold in store I can't just drop in and pick up a replacement. The only options according to the lady I just got off the phone with are 1. take it in and they will give me a gift card covering the cost of a replacement (including taxes and shipping and handling) or 2. they will order a replacement for me and have it shipped to my house.


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