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This could be it! The episode of We Bought the Farm: Roanoke Edition were everything turns quicker than a quart of milk left out in the summer sun. Then again, Murphy has assured us that the really big twist isn’t coming until episode 6. Regardless of when the train goes off the rails, rest assured something is coming.

Previously, Flora was still missing, Lee went walking after midnight, Lee’s ex got the luau treatment, Matt got busy with the Swine Witch, and a Cricket got into the house which led to a sleepless night for all.


There are a few theories about what the twist might be, in fact some of them make perfect sense. Therefore, we can assume those are not what the actual twist will be. Though what we do know is that one of the connecting threads this season is a tie to the Mott clan of Dandy, Gloria, and whomever was his father.

My Jupiter Nightmare Grindr Hook-up

I stand behind my theory that the show will pivot to the production crew and behind the scenes stuff during the filming of My Roanoke Nightmare. Then the aliens will come and zap everyone up into their flying saucer where they’ll have a candlelight dinner with a Big Foot clan.

Murphy, cast this man!

This is your American Horror Story season 6 episode chapter 4 live viewing discussion thread and post-mortem playground. Have at it!

EDIT: I thought I had scheduled this post to go live at 9:30 last night. I was watching TV and ended up falling asleep (I had a long day at work). My apologies to my fellow horror heads here on Odeck.


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