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Life (We Allow That Now on ODeck, Right?)

Sometimes the path that life lays out for you leads back home. For reasons both great and small, I am thankful I'm back back in Glen Burnie, Maryland, USA. I've had the pleasure of reconnecting with family but also the possibilities put forth. I was once a prodigal son who only returned home occasionally to speak briefly of my exploits in the wider world. The road that led me here, did so for a reason...a purpose. Part of that purpose I know has been fulfilled. I am grateful for the time I was able to spend with mom-mom in her final days. I am grateful for my parents and my nieces (about to be three of them). I am grateful for my friends. I am grateful for today and tomorrow and the possibilities.

I'm not a person that generally believes in 'fate' but it certainly feels like 'fate' brought me where I am now. Back closer to the parents and family. Otherwise I'd stll be up north in my enclave of the tower of higher education.

I'll stop now because I'm beginning to sound like a Hallmark card gone on too long.

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