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Limited Edition Halloween Movie Posters!

There's an article over on The Verge that is very Halloween related, which I know is the one holiday out of the year some of you really love.

For those interested you can find some over on Skuzzlesand some on Mondo's site.


Without ruining them all for you, here's one of my favorites.

That is one of the cheesiest and most entertaining movies I have ever seen in my life and whenever it's randomly on all plans are automatically cancelled, because Killer Klowowowowns from Outer Space takes priority over everything. And yes, that was me writing out how the theme song by The Dickies goes.

A Stargate one can be found on Skuzzles!


THREE (!) Deadpool ones can be found over on Mondo's site, including the one I really, really, really want!


I will hurt the person who makes it so the Deadpool posters sell out before I can snag at least one!

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