Anyone else watching Limitless and want to talk about it? We got a new episode last night after a couple weeks off, and it starts off with a kind of clever way of catching us up on Brian’s arrangement with the FBI. Ike and Mike are interviewing for a 3rd agent to be on “Brian duty”. So we get a run down of how they give him is NZT each day and then he’s a super genius, but after it wears off he’s “Brian”. Brian rejects the first few applicants and is about to reject another when he turns out to match Brian’s taste in music and movies. Welcome to the team, Spike! Spoilers after the break.

There were 3 stories going on, and here’s a brief recap of each. But first the preview clip of the episode.

Story 1: Ike and Mike bring in Spike. It turns out this was because Mike was planning to move on to a promotion. Ike was somewhat hurt, not just because I think he saw them as close, but also because he took a bullet for the “Brian watch” job and how come he hasn’t been offered anything better?

Turns out Spike, who had been very helpful and an effective kiss ass, was effective because he was spying on Brian and mailing his findings to ADIC Grady Johnson, maybe as payback from when Brian swiped his phone and while pretending to be him sent a message “confessing” he had micro-penis.


Once Mike and Ike report Spike to Naz, he’s gone. And Brian reveals he knew all along but he liked having someone do everything he asked for, including posing nude for a painting. Mike is then told his promotion will have to wait but is offered another assignment until then if he’s interested but he opts to stay on “Brian watch” until then.


Story 2: Agent Harris is still suspicious about Senator Morra, who she suspects is on NZT. Brian had successfully switched the jacket he was shot in, that had NZT tainted blood, with a nearly identical jacket with clean blood but Sands messed up on one of the buttons and Rebecca noticed that. The only lead is the guy who was working at the evidence room that Brian talked too. But since he mentioned that guy to Sands, and that guy was unfortunate enough to have a peanut allergy, Sands arranged for him to ingest peanut oil and die. But Rebecca is suspicious that someone spiked his food to cover up something so this isn’t over. Brian gets another booster shot from Sands for a job well done.


Story 3: one of the inventors at CRAFT, an institution that works on future tech like jet packs, gecko gloves, etc. has been found dead. But she was working on another project, essentially downloading a person’s brain until the technology to interact with it becomes a thing. Her own brain was included so Brian and Rebecca hope she can tell them who killed her. But the interface isn’t great and she can’t.

Brian finds some leads, including someone who sold off her brain files and those of 5 others. CRAFT’s network had been infected, so Brian does some reverse engineering, and gotta give the show credit, they acknowledge that watching actual “hacking” isn’t that exciting. So they give us talking dog clips instead, as seen on this TV guide exclusive clip (probably US only).

To find the person who sold the stolen files, Brian needs to forge a painting, which is why Spike volunteers as a nude model. It works, and the seller, known as Scrubjay shows up, only to be poisoned and die. But not before Brian can figure out who he sold the files to, GERD, an organization that works with the government and claims to have bought the files to prevent anyone else from doing so.


Brian then makes a better interface for the dead genius’ file, and gets a name. Which gives him a lead just in time to postpone Rebecca and Boyle from visiting the evidence room where the jacket switch happened. It turns out a co-worker was obsessed with her and stole the other 5 files to hide his theft of hers so he could build an interface and have the life with her the real one wouldn’t allow. The killer is caught and confesses in exchange for 5 minutes with Brian’s improved interface. And he gets the gecko gloves to play with as a thanks for his help.

I’ll close with an image of Brian’s office headquarters (correction noted by Second Pronoun), that has a light switch for Business and Pleasure (not seen).


I like how Brian imagines the boring parts to be exciting because it acknowledges that they aren’t actually exciting in real life.

I like how the show acknowledges that some things aren’t as exciting as they seem on TV, but then we get Brian’s imagination to still make them exciting for us.

Brian should have told Sands he messed up the button, and told him not to mess up next time.


What did you all think? If enough people are watching this show, then this is me committing to write a recap each week. But if work is busy it won’t go up until late Wednesday (after I get home).

(Updated with gifs courtesy of Limitlessedits.tumblr)