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On last night’s Limitless, Brian gets to work undercover! and Sands is concerned with Rebecca digging into Senator Morra’s possible NZT use, and when Sands is concerned, people tend to end up dead. Here’s the promo for the episode, spoilers after the break.

The main story starts when an FBI list of all undercover agents is hacked, and the guy in charge of them asks for help finding the last few active agents before their identities are sold off or just publicly released.


Brian takes an NZT pill and is able to find them pretty quickly. But that last one, Agent Lucy Church isn’t ready to end her assignment. There’s one last loose end to tie up and if her cover hasn’t been blown yet, that end is getting tied.

She’s after some financiers (or something) who also own a prostitution ring, and she wants to get the women out safely before they start any raids because otherwise they’ll be killed in an effort to cover up any evidence. One of them was an informant and has already turned up missing. So Brian agrees to help and even gets approval for NZT delivery while out in the field.

He goes to a fancy hedge fund party, makes the right friends, gets the locked up passports of all the potential victims, even wins some money at the track to help set them up when they’re returned to their home countries, and impresses Agent Church. (Clips from TV.com)

One of Brian’s undercover jobs is as a temp, which brings some joy to Agent Boyle.


They are able to get the women to safety, and even find the guy who orders the hits. But agent Church isn’t able to prove any charges against him, so decides maybe she should just kill him. Brian talks her out of it, telling her he’ll cover for her on anything but murder and can find dirt on him if he has more time (and NZT). She agrees and shoots out his knee, and Brian finds all they need to charge him while he’s in surgery.


The other story is Sands being concerned that agent Harris is still investigating the senator. And Brian is worried because the last possible lead was killed by peanut allergy. Sands never actually admits to anything but tells Brian he’s not responsible for what happened either way. His plan for agent Harris is less lethal though, he offers her a job on the senator’s security detail, writing down what seems to be an impressive figure on a piece of paper and assuring her the benefits package will be a lot better too. But she turns him down, because she likes catching bad guys. She’s also done a little checking on Sands, learning he’s former MI-6, and makes it clear her investigation is just getting started.

Once again, the show acknowledges that some of the stuff can be boring in real life, like Brian working as a temp for his second undercover assignment.


One of the call girls gets sent over to him as a thank you from one of the people he charmed at the hedge fund party, and rather than turn down the offer, they let her watch TV and she’s a fan of reality shows.

Because agent Church shot a guy in the knee, there’s video interviews from internal affairs, and the same call girl lists off all her favorite shows.


Brian hooks up with agent Church but of course doesn’t admit it.

Agent Boyle correctly assumes Brian joined the undercover job because he heard the word with an exclamation at the end. And he’s not broken up about Brian having to work undercover as a temp.


There’s also a Bollywood dance number, that I thought was pretty fun.

You can apparently watch the full episode at TV.com if you missed (probably US only).


What did you all think?

(Updated with gifs courtesy of Limitlessedits.tumblr)

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