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Limitless 1.17: Close Encounters

On Limitless, Brian gets mostly serious after what he learned about Sands, and when a blackout threatens the city and puts the FBI on alert. Here’s the promo for the episode, spoilers after the break.

We start off with Brian taking one of his secret stash NZT pills, bringing the total down to 4. He does this to help out local police solve crimes and distract himself from having learned that Sands (or his partner) killed Rebecca’s dad as part of Morra’s “NZT cleanup”.


But flashing his FBI consultant badge around gets back to Rebecca and she eventually finds him, after he’d just finished helping out a Detective Hernandez with a homicide. The victim had some weird colored spores on him, and a set of keys that Brian is able to identify as belonging to a government building, one with blueprints for various places in the city.

This turns out to be related to the blackout. Brian figures out that the pattern of the blackout follows wind currents, so something is being carried to the areas that are blacked out.

It turns out to be caused by microbes (or whatever, it’s science stuff) that absorb electricity. They were made to appear alien in origin, which lands Brian and Rebecca in CDC quarantine for a while. Which Brian takes fairly well.


Things get tense in quarantine because Brian had lied to Rebecca about having used up his personal NZT stash, which he’s caught on when she has his apartment searched and finds there were 2 more. Leaving Brian to wonder why she didn’t find all 4.


It turns out the other 2 were found and taken by his sister Rachel, who was more traumatized by Sands showing up bleeding than she let on.

Because of the blackout, Brian sends Mike and Ike to pick up his siblings and their kids (if applicable) and take them to his parents’ house where they still have power.


Rachel shows the pills to their mom, while also mentioning that she found them after an “under cover agent” (Sands) had shown up bleeding.

The spores turn out to be earth-based, but made to look alien by a professor who had a bet with another that alien bacteria would be discovered in their lifetime. The two professors, who we’ll call Randolph and Mortimer, had bet a dollar on it, and he really wanted to win. So when one of his students discovered a bacteria that absorbed electricity, he had her keep quiet about it and made it appear alien in origin.


But the blackout was used to steal “damaged” money that was set to be destroyed, from a federal facility. A good amount of it could be repaired/cleaned and the homicide victim Brian was helping the police detective with was in charge of blueprints, including for the storage facility.

The two professors alibi’d out, but the assistant, who was underpaid turned out to be behind it, along with her cousin who had a criminal past.


They’re caught by Brian and Boyle, who is his new handler because Rebecca and Brian had a fight during quarantine, in which she accused him of being addicted to NZT and he accused her of being addicted to the kind of cases she gets to work now, with his help. Things are said, and feelings are hurt.

Things get even worse when Brian visits his family to see how they are, because his mom confronts him about the NZT pills and loudly complains about how he had his sister over at the safe house where undercover agents show up bleeding. All within earshot of Mike and Ike, who confiscate the 2 pills.


Ike later asks Rachel to describe the undercover agent.

And Brian shows how serious he is by picking up his bong, but then putting it back down. We then see a note he left Rebecca saying he’s going to take a couple days to take care of things, while we see him packing up a bunch of cash, and his last 2 NZT pills that he snuck out of Mike’s pocket.


It’s only a matter of time before Sands is ID’d as the guy who showed up at the safe house so it’s a good thing Brian is moving on that whole thing.


Rachel has been ignoring Ike’s texts since their night together at the safe house but it looks like that was mostly because she was still freaked out from Sands showing up and finding those NZT pills.


Also, she’s really not good at keeping anything secret. Not that it was fair to ask her to, but something Brian should keep in mind for future reference.

It’s looking like they’re going to having the FBI, or at least the main team find out about Sands’ and maybe even Morra’s involvement with Brian, and maybe even about the booster shot. Which is good, because it can be a thing for a season but dragging it out for more than that seems like too much.


Boyle admits to Brian that working with him isn’t so bad, it’s a shame any bonding might get ruined when the truth is revealed.

Brian has 2 NZT pills to figure out what to do, he better think fast and not get distracted.


What did you all think?

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