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Limitless 1.18: Bezgranichnyy

AKA “Limitless” in Russian. Yes, sorry if that’s a spoiler, but Brian spends most of last night’s Limitless in Russia, searching for a way to get out from under Morra and Sands, while the FBI searches for him because he left Rebecca that note but also they would’ve noticed him gone and searched anyway. Here’s the promo clip, spoilers after the break.

It feels like a lot happened this episode, but it can all be summed up pretty quickly.


Brian went to Russia to find Piper Baird, a former NZT-enhanced lackey of Morra and Sands, who was working on recreating the booster shot herself.

He helps her steal the last ingredient she needs, and then heads back home while she works on it. But someone has tipped off Sands to her location, and also the fact that she’s not dead, so now he knows where she is and that Brian helped fake her death. Not good for Brian.

In searching for him, the FBI gets everyone in the intelligence community on the search, and Rebecca goes back to his family to ask about the “undercover agent” that Rachel blabbed about visiting the safe house. She gets yelled at by Brian’s dad, but eventually Rachel shows up at HQ, and gives a description and then Rebecca shows her a picture of Sands and she confirms that was him.

More details on each part to follow.

First, Brian’s trip to Russia. He had 2 NZT pills left that he swiped from Mike, who confiscated the ones that Rachel had taken from his secret stash. He used one to find a guy who could help him find Piper, and pay him a bunch of cash to do so. While waiting, he indulges in several shots of vodka, as you do, and starts telling random Russians about NZT. Luckily, most of them don’t understand him. He finds out she’s in a prison.


So he uses his last NZT pill to figure out how to get her out. Turns out the guy who runs the prison is a huge GRRM fan, so Brian gets the famous author on the phone, to tell the prison administrator the ending for the book series of A Song of Fire and Ice in exchange for releasing Piper.


(Gifs courtesy of chimis-changa.tumblr)

So he gets her out, and she reveals she was arrested trying to steal the last ingredient she needed to recreate the enzyme booster that allows for immunity to the effects of NZT. That last ingredient is the seed from a rare flower and the guy who owns it is throwing an event in a week. She has some NZT left but only enough to use the night of the event when they’ll try to steal the seeds.


So her and Brian try to plan everything out on their own, including remembering enough about hacking to actually find the guest list and 2 that declined who they somewhat resemble, so they can go as them.

Brian even plays guitar in a subway station to raise money so they can also look the part, since the two they’re impersonating are loaded.


Before he takes his pill, Brian mentions how when she’s on NZT, Piper’s talk about the greater good and the future sounds not unlike Morra. So maybe there really is something about Brian that allows him to be a better him but still a good person.

On the night of the event, Brian and Piper do their NZT-thing, and Brian distracts everyone while Piper steals the seeds. But the guard she swiped a badge from noticed and follows her so there’s a fight, that she wins but not without injury. She manages to get away but Brian is put in prison, and told things will be simpler (for them) if he were to “die during transport”. Luckily, Piper got him out after having a change of heart and not following that NZT-induced cold logic.


Brian returns to the US, while Piper will work on the booster. But someone sends Sands a picture of them together so there’s already a complication in that plan.

At the FBI, Naz wants Brian brought back safely so she can hurt him herself. Rebecca is concerned that everyone looking for Brian just knows him as an asset but doesn’t really know him. Even Mike and Ike are concerned, and Mike turns on the Christmas lights in their office because it feels wrong to leave them off.They mention the blowout with Brian’s mom and how she mentioned an injured undercover agent that showed up at the house.


So she goes to ask Rachel about it, but gets an earful from her dad, who then says next time they want to talk to him or anyone else in the family, it will have to be in a deposition.

Rachel eventually shows up at HQ and tells Rebecca what she saw and confirms it was Sands.


So that’s where we leave off until next week. Rebecca now knows Sands has some involvement with Brian, and probably his NZT stash as she’s already correctly suspected that Morra is on it. And Sands knows Brian didn’t really kill Piper and that he’s been with her recently.

There’s no way this season ends without everything uncovered. If Piper can make the booster, Brian could bring her into the FBI and they can work out a deal of booster for pills.


Piper mentions that anyone on NZT is their real self and once they’re off it, they’re just a shadow. So there seems to be some innate goodness about Brian that either allows him to resist that influence or just really slow it down. Morra, and his ex-gf in the movie had a similar influence from the NZT.

It was nice they got a week to be normal, but still not suffer withdrawals because of the booster. But Piper’s right, they can’t go all the way back.


I liked that Brian shows he can speak Russian but then says “here it is in English” instead of making us read subtitles the whole time.

What did you all think?

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