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Limitless 1.19: A Dog's Breakfast

On Limitless, Brian returns from his trip to face a new reality at his job with the FBI, and his arrangement with Morra and Sands, and still helps solve a case possibly involving 3D-printed organs. Here’s the promo, making sure we know Bradley Cooper is making an appearance, spoilers after the break.

After returning to the USA, and FBI headquarters, Brian meets with Naz and plays the “sorry, didn’t know that was wrong, won’t do it again” card on his trip to Russia without telling anyone where he was going.


She accepts him back, but with some changes. There are 10 new rules, many of them mostly cosmetic and meant to try and break Brian’s spirit or make him feel less special so he doesn’t do things like just take off and visit another country. Those are that he has to wear a suit and tie (but he still has a rock & roll pin on the tie), work in a cubicle (but it’s near Rebecca’s desk), and his HQ has been dismantled.

He also has 2 new escorts that will go with him at all times if he’s not with Rebecca or Boyle, Mike and Ike have to check his mouth to confirm he swallowed his daily NZT to make sure he’s not hoarding (which is good because that means no one suspects he was given an extra stash from anyone else, like say Senator Morra). And his house and person are subject to random searches. He’s also going to get drug tested, and has to have Sinbad torn from his grip.

This also makes it harder to get in contact with Piper who is working on recreating the enzyme booster that allows for immunity to the effects of NZT.

As for contacting Sands or Morra, it turns out one of his new escorts works for them, and drives him to a remote location where Sands gives him a booster shot and tells him to be patient with his new arrangement and that this will all work out eventually, and without the need for violence. Sands doesn’t happen to bring up that he knows Piper is still alive and that Brian met her in Russia.


We’ll get the case out of the way first. It starts with a dead rich guy who’s had his kidney removed. Turns out he was a rich guy who donated a lot to a company trying to develop 3D printed organs, and his was a prototype.

Brian and Rebecca visit the place and talk to the head guy (clip from TV Guide) who’s very sorry to hear about the death because they just lost their biggest funder. No motive to kill him there. Even the kidney would have needed to be tested longer to call it a success.


Later, they discover someone else’s DNA in the crime scene blood, but find he’s not a killer, but the actual donor of the kidney that wasn’t really 3D-printed after all (clip from TV Guide). Brian also manages to sneakily buy a burner phone, along with some donuts, and use it in a porta potty to contact Piper. She tells him her homemade booster shot is ready.

The 3D-Printed organ guy admits they didn’t actually have one ready so he used a real kidney, to be replaced by an actual 3D-printed one later on. But again, still no motive to kill the guy, because that’s what revealed his fake real kidney. Turns out it was the wife, because they were going to get divorced but then he got sick but then he got the transplant and got better, so she thought she’d cut him open and take the 3D-printed organ for some money but then it turned out to be real.


Brian figured it out from the guy’s dog, who’s seemed lethargic both times he met him. Turns out the wife was super vindictive and fed her husband’s dog parts of him, which included the sedative she used on him. Case closed.

Back on the NZT conspiracy and getting out of front, Rebecca has been having Ike and Mike follow Brian but so far they haven’t seen anything too unusual except ditching his new guards, with the help of crushed sleeping pill pizza topping. Boyle sees what’s going on and confronts her, telling her they didn’t always keep secrets from each other. And then does something maybe only this show would do, he goes first and shares his big secret. He shows her the NZT pill he found on the floor after the rogue agents went rogue and got themselves killed. Then he tells her he considered giving it to his demented (medically) mother so she could have one more great day, but it’s been burning a hole in his pocket.


She then fills him in on the whole thing with Sands showing up at Brian’s safehouse, video of them in an elevator seeming very uncomfortable with each other, etc. She’s also sure if Sands is involved, so is Morra.

And then when Brian goes to meet Piper and she doesn’t show, he returns home to find the bracelet he got her in Russia, sitting on his table, bloodied. He knows that means Morra got to her, so he finds a way to contact him. After having closed the case, he heads back early with his guard, who he ditches with multiple train changes. Then approaches Morra at one of his presidential campaign rallies (clip from TV Guide).


He confesses to Morra that he didn’t kill Piper but instead helped her get the last needed ingredients to make her own enzyme booster, because he wanted to be free. Morra tells him that he had no idea until Brian just confessed. Which means Sands knew but didn’t share, and figure out he now has his own source for the booster, must already have a way to make NZT, and has gone rouge. But he’s not concerned, he’s about to make a speech that will really help his campaign. So he gives Brian a few extra pills again and heads about to give that speech.

There’s a shot of Sands with a tray of NZT in a room of shady looking associates.


And then Brian returns home to get a visit from Rebecca, who pulls a gun on him and demands to know what’s going on because she saw him approach Morra at the rally. And we have to wait to April to find out what happens next.

ETA: left something out, as part of luring the doctor who would perform a black market kidney transplant, the janitor volunteers to stab himself in the leg that has no feeling.



It looks like while he’s not really a good guy, Morra might not be straight up evil either, after all.


So maybe Sands will turn out to be the main big bad for the season, but maybe that’s all part of Morra’s plan? He did mention seeing way far ahead. And even if Sands starts taking NZT, he’s just starting, Morra’s been on it since the movie.

There’s now no way Brian doesn’t at least tell Rebecca about Sands and maybe even the booster, and that Boyle’s pill doesn’t get to him in an emergency.


What did you all think?

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