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Linkapalooza- 12th March

Here's some cool/interesting (at least to me) stuff from around the internet for you ODeck chaps and chapesess.

1- A look into the niche world of science publication, specifically, the issues surrounding putting stuff online before publishing it. (The Inglefinger rule is mentioned in this article, which is fairly obscure, so you might want to glance over the Wikipedia article (don't worry, it's very short))

2- YeahTV is AMC's new movie-streaming network. I can't access it from Canada, but from what I've read, it seems like it might be good. There's some pretty nerd-friendly stuff listed for launch, including Blade Runner, Terminator, The Crow, From Dusk Till Dawn and The Exorcist. More info here.


3- Everyone's favorite space-centric engineering-based game, Kerbal Space Program is starting a weekly newsletter.

4- Cory Doctrow's piece on Tim Berners-Lee and DRM in The Guardian this week. Very insightful in terms of both how the web works, and why DRM is a problem.

5- Linus Edwards over on Vintage Zen has had an idea that I want to happen very very much!


6- The ever great Prof. Matt Strassler of "Of Particular Significance" on why the fuss about Higgs spin is silly. He leaves out the fact that we don't even have a working model for how a spin-2 Higgs-like thing would work!


7- Myles, head of Followgen (a social advertising company) manages to get to the crux of why being a programmer is the best and the worst job ever in a simple, clever dialogue.

8- This youtube channel, called the Reserve Channel has some amazing stuff. Including this interview with the True Blood writing staff, this one with the creators of Portlandia, this one with Louis C.K. and one with cast & crew of The Walking Dead:

9- The incredibly influential director Andrei Tarkovsky's seminal film-theory book Sculpting In Time is available in it's entirety from Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Bratislava. I haven't read it all yet, but it comes VERY well recommended.


10- Some excellent Seattle hip-hop to close out the set. (No, not Macklemore this time.)

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