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Lions are becoming the Worf of the animal kingdom

Lions need to step up their game. In the last week or so, I've stumbled across videos of a baby elephant fighting off 14 lions, a mongoose fighting off 4 lions, and even a plucky porcupine fighting off an impressive 17 lions. All of these seem awesome in isolation. Such a cute little animal fought off so many lions! Lions! But now it's just starting to get sad.

You are probably familiar with the Worf Effect, in which a tough character is consistently used to demonstrate that the new villain-of-the-week is properly bad-ass by having the Worf lose a fight to them. Eventually, the supposed toughness of said character becomes merely an informed attribute.


This is now happening to lions, and it's bumming me out. Anyone have some sick gifs of lions kicking ass? We need to work on their reputation.

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