UPDATE: First, I wanted to thank all of you for the thoughtful discussions below, I wasn't expecting to wake up to so many comments on this little post. My little exercise in bean counting should not be taken as an endorsement of DC over Marvel or vice versa. It doesn't speak to the quality of shows which haven't debuted yet nor reflect if the characters in those shows are fully realized in their characterizations. Those are discussions we'll all be having here on Odeck in the future, I'm sure.

Some clarification on why I counted some shows one way versus other shows. The shows counted are shows we are guaranteed to see on the small screen. For shows where I use 'led' I am referring to shows where there is one primary protagonist while shows like Agents of Shield can be considered an ensemble show (see note at bottom regarding Netflix shows).

Newsarama has a handy-dandy list of DC comics that are coming to the small screen or being developed for it. It is nice to have this info all in one place. Oh right, wikipedia is a thing.

Either way, it is always nice to refresh your memory about these sorts of things. I completely forgot that iZombie is coming to TV. I also hope Titans (Nightwing! Raven!), Supergirl, and Preacher make the cut and get out of development.

How does DC TV compare to Marvel TV?

DC's Definites = 5 (Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Constantine, iZombie)

Marvel's Definites* = 7 (AoS, Agent Carter, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Defenders)


Female Led Shows?

DC = 1, iZombie

Marvel = 2, Agent Carter & Jessica Jones

POC Led Shows?

DC = 0

Marvel = 1 (with Luke Cage) OR 0*

Interconnected, Connected to a Larger Universe?

DC = sort of, Arrow and The Flash are connected. Nothing is connected to the DC cinematic universe


Marvel = yes, all part of the Marvel cinematic universe

So What Does it All Mean?

No idea, all I know is I would like a Monica Rambeau TV show, please. Then after the initial Captain Marvel (Carol Danver's version), I'd like a 'buddy-cop' movie with Carol and Monica. The third Captain Marvel film should then feature Ms. Marvel (who should also totally get her own TV show).


Marvel TV wiki, since I linked to the DC TV wiki above.

*I had a very good discussion in the comments with JoshofAllAges about how the Netflix shows might be classified as either individual limited run series on their own OR as part of a larger set of shows that culminates in an ensemble with the Defenders show being the endpoint.