Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Locked door. Poured drink. Sat down.

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Checked time. Wrist watch? Half past eight. Stove? Agreed. Wall clock? Argued, five minutes faster. Pocket watch? ... Pocket watch's location unknown. Lost. Not coming back. Unfab. Favorite watch.

Took drink. Flipped telly on. News channel screeched. String of robberies. Crime spree. Chuckled. The people never suspect quadrupeds. Ain't adapted to new thinks.

Got bored. Different channel. Something more noisy. Settled on musics. Walked over to the counter. Emptied pockets. One twenty dollar bill, folded and crumpled. One pill, red and yellow, unknown origin. One Wyoming drivers license issued in 2007 to a people with name address weight name. Name.

Name: "Art Io"


!!! The Art Io? Brow glistened. Not good. Any upper younger than 5 has io brand tech. Crucial equipment. Not cheap. Used to have an io1. Upgraded it to io9 just before...


Gnaw gnaw gnaw gnaw gnaw gnaw gnaw slam paw on counter.

Art won't make io10. Got brained. Art won't get back up.

Open cupboard. Bills are piled high.

Cue internal memo. Braining a human is not fab, even if paid for. Uncue internal memo.

Took a drink. Got undressed. Hopped to bed. Got a long day tomorrow. Need to pretend to be Art Io. ...fab. I'm good at playing a people.

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