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Loki and Maleficent, sitting in a World Tree...

K-I-L-L-I-N-G. Yeah, this could totally work. Artists Paul Hanley and Simon Gough presented the big bads of Disney's recent fantasy films as they were meant to be drawn - together.


Considering both sorcerous tricksters are owned by Disney, this is a match made in Svartalfheim.

Paul Hanley specializes in liscenced works, having worked on Godzilla comics for IDW and previously produced some Doctors Anniversary art (including one with ALL the Doctors).

This image was made just for fun, with color provided by Simon Gough, colorist on a bunch of amazing titles for IDW (and others).

Hanley and Gough are providing art for some up-coming Doctor Who issues for Titan Comics. Titan recently picked up the Doctor license after IDW let the property go.


Check out these frickin' amazing covers by the pair - exclusive to San Antonio's Heroes and Fantasies comic shop. The Doctors! All thirteen!


On July 23, 500 copies of each cover (Tenth and Eleventh Doctors) will be available in San An.

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