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Look, Mom. Dinosaurs!

Let them fight! Spoilers. (Edit: For Godzilla. Sorry if that was not clear)

OK. First of all. How. Dare. You. Kill Bryan Cranston by dropping him off a bridge in the first half of your movie??? Who do you think he is, Captain Kirk? Not cool. Not cool at all!


That said - Big G is the good guy! Yay! I had not expected that. Maybe I should have after the last trailers made it clear that there would be Kaiju on Kaiju action in this one. (And if you want to see Kajiu on Kaiju action..... the naughty one. Yeah, This is - almost your movie. We're pretty close to seeing Kaju mating............)

Basically it's the Anti Pacific Rim. All humans are good for is throw rocks at the monsters and try to remove the rocks again before the hurt other people. And by rocks I mean nuclear bombs. Which makes - the first half and the B plot that is not about Godzilla vs. Muto (Yep. Massive Unknown Terrestrial Object) a bit bumpy. Especially with building up Walter White and then dropping him off a bridge to let Jesse Pinkman do the work. Well. Kinda do the work. As I said, all humans do is doing silly things and then trying to stop them from doing any harm while the King of Monsters saves the f*cking day. They even call him that. The reason for him being the good guy feels a liiitle - silly, but I admit, I don't know much about original Godzilla. I'm pretty sure him being "Nature's way of keeping the balance" is pretty much in canon. Even if that means he show up pretty late to his own movie.

But when he does - it is pretty awesome. Kaiju Combat! Nuclear Breath and all.


The iconic scene from the trailer though - does not happen. Because of this. At this time, he's obviously not a threat, so - no terrifying shout at closing doors. (False advertising, I would say)


So - I'm pretty sure fans will like it way more than Emmerich's version. The first half can be a little long, but hey. While Godzilla only shows up after Cranston left, at least Cranston is there to make the time until the action starts better.


PS: Does the dog live? I don't know... We don't see that, actually.

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