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Lookie what I just got.

In case the pics get Kinja'd you can see the front here and the back here.

That ladies and gentlemen is my custom designed (by me) Moto X. T-Mobile version, which is the same as the Developer Edition. 32 gigabytes built-in storage. With a custom signature on the back that reads "bangishotyou" and a custom boot screen that says "bang! i shot you." (There wasn't enough characters left to enter "pew pew". Lol.)


First impressions? This is an amazing phone! I've used pretty much every high end smartphone made in the past couple of years, this one has them all beat. I honestly can't believe I paid only $378 and change for it. (Savings thanks to the Valentine's Day promo, which is $70 off the regular price until February 14th. I also got an additional $30 off thanks to an hour long promo, I managed to snag a code within the allotted time frame.) On top of that Motorola changed the delivery and shipping dates. Went from expecting this to ship today and receive it on Monday to being alerted yesterday that it was going out in the evening with overnight shipping (and I'd receive it by noon today, I got it at 11 AM). Motorola really knows how to do things! I am beyond impressed with the design of the phone and how quickly they built it (by hand and in Houston) and shipped it to me.

First off, Motorola Migrate. Perfect! Made transferring my stuff over (pics and a couple of downloaded podcast episodes) incredibly easy. I don't have much stuff on my phone, so it only took a few minutes to do (about most of one listen through of "Time" by Pink Floyd to complete). (I was listening to Dark Side of the Moon while getting everything going.) All you do is run the app on the Moto X and install and run it on your "old" device. Once you do it on the Moto X a barcode pops up for you to scan using the app on your previous device. You then select what you want it to transfer over. Contacts, call logs, text messages, pictures, media (music, videos, etc.) and then hit Start and it does it's thing. (You don't even have to stay in the app on either device to let it do what it needs to. You can just fire up something else and it'll run/work in the background.)

Active Display. Wow. I had seen pictures of it but to see it firsthand. Screen is dark, but it "breathes" and notifies you of missed calls, emails, text messages, etc. (You can select in-device what applications and notifications are displayed. I unchecked everything but those.) Since it uses the custom made Moto X only found chip, it won't murder the battery the way waking up your device does to check notifications (or if you use Dashclock, a widget, to check your lockscreen for said notifications).

Touchless Control. This phone has already learned my voice. "OK Google Now..." At that point I can say "help me" and get a list of commands that I can say and the phone will respond to ranging from "call [insert name here]" to "play [insert song or band name here]" and a number of others. This is something Google Now already does on any phone (if you have access to it and use it), but on this phone I can do that with the screen off. The phone is set to an "always listening" mode. So it's ready to fire up and do what I ask it to the moment it hears that first part of the command. Oh and I tested it with some family members. Doesn't respond to anyone's voice but mine.


Moto Assist. This one will be incredibly useful. It's got three choices. Driving, Meeting and Sleep. I checked Driving and Sleep. When driving, the phone will read out incoming calls and text messages to me. I chose for it to then wait for me to tell it what to do, either accept or decline the call or dictate a message for it to send on my behalf. You have the option to also have the phone auto-reply with a text telling people basically, "Hey, I'm driving. I'll respond back when I can. - Sent by a Moto X". (You can customize this message if you choose the auto-reply option.) In addition to which I selected for my phone to play music automatically once I start driving. (Since I have Google Play All Access Music, I got a ton of tunes and "radio stations" to choose from.) I'm at home, but I'll test this out further later today. Sleep! Oh man, I can't tell you how annoyed I get with sounds when I'm trying to sleep or my notification light pulsating. Even if it's tiny and not too bright. I have to turn and basically clear everything. I just have to. Now I have my hours set (10 PM to 6 AM) and my phone will go silent and turn off the LED (that last thing I'm not 100% sure of but I'll test it tonight). Unless I have "starred" (aka favorited or what have you) someone in my contacts list, their calls or text messages and emails will not disturb me. If they're starred though it'll come in loud and clear. (Perfect for not missing something from the important people in my life.) It also has a "two calls in five minutes" feature you can select. Meaning if it's really an emergency and they call twice in that five minute period (as they should in an emergency) the call will come through.

Motorola Connect. There are apps that try to replicate the functionality or general idea behind this, but none that work like this. I don't know about all of you, but I work with computers all day. Meaning I'm in front of a desktop or laptop pretty much all day. What this app does is let you know about incoming calls and text messages from your phone on your laptop. You do need the Chrome extension, but once you've got it installed and do the initial setup on your phone you're good to go. You'll even be able to reply to texts from your browser. (No other app can currently do this as far as I'm aware of and I've tried all the ones out there that claim to.) Huge help for me, like this I won't miss any calls or text messages. (The latest update for the app through the Play Store adds support for Hangouts, which is my default SMS app.)


And that's all I got for now, I really need to let the phone charge. (It only comes charged at about 50% of capacity.)

EDIT: The SIM card isn't built in to in accessible part of the device. It's off to the left. The slot to access it is perfectly flush with the device and since I went with black everything I somehow didn't spot it. Apologies for the mistake. (I have a habit of overlooking stuff sometimes.) I'll throw my SIM card in later today and start using it more thoroughly to test out some additional stuff.


EDIT 2: So, yes, the SIM card slot is user accessible, but the phone uses a Nano SIM card. Which means if you aren't using something like the newest iPhone then you likely have a device that uses a Micro SIM card, which is WAY too big. You can either cut it down yourself or you just deal with it and activate the new one. (Which takes all of 5 minutes to call T-Mobile and have them do for you.) Keeping in mind you'll need to do at least one reboot after they've activated it to get it going properly. (In my case I had to do two. After the first one, it was activated and working, but it was using 2G only. After the second reboot LTE kicked in.)

Beyond that, it is really a great device. I'm glad I selected it on my previous post as my recommendation for best phone you can get right now without breaking your wallet.


Oh and in case you all are wondering, I do tend to name my devices and cars and whatnot. This one. Well... "I call her Vera." And I think that pretty much says all you need to know about me and this device. Lol.

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