Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Looking for an appropriately nerdy random act of Kindness

So some friends are getting married soon, and in lieu of presents, they have asked that guests perform a random act of kindness, and then tell them about it.

To give you some details on the couple, in question: He works in IT but they have some side businesses that see them running booths at Ren Faires, Pirate Fests, Sci-Fi Conventions, etc. If you have been to a Con in Ontario and have seen someone selling these puppets, you will have probably have seen them, as they are the official Canadian distributors.

They are both avid readers and gamers, both board game and computer games. She is a leader with the Girl Guides.


So any thoughts? I tried posting on the Jezebel groupthink for ideas, and no offence intended to the Jezzies but what they came up with was rather conventional. The wedding is fast approaching, and both Mr. I and I are crazy stressed at work, and are finding it hard to be creative at the moment.

ETA: The groom is on the winning team of Misha Collins' GISHWHES 2.

Any thoughts?

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