People are very negative about film remakes, and to an extent this is understandable, there have been some bloody awful ones over the course of film history but there are also plenty which are good, or great, or that many people forget are remakes at all.

IMDB has an exhaustive list of every currently proposed movie’s not a great list as several things on it are somewhat pushing the definition (...adaptations of books that don’t really have a definitive film version, and...the adaptation of Wicked? How does that possible coun-...oh never mind.) but it is a pretty broad range of titles, and looking at it there are a decent number that I’m actually really interested to see.

For some it’s because enough has changed about the world that you can give a new and interesting spin to these pre-existing stories, and with others it’s simply because the original was better as an idea than it ever was a finished work.

So, putting aside cynicism (seriously, please don’t fill the comments with yet more frustration about the remakes you don’t want) which of the list do you see potential in or what’s missing from that list entirely but you think could really do with a second try?


For me, the ones that jump out most as having potential are…

Flight of The Navigator

Child me thought this thing was cute...child me was wrong often.


I watched this film a lot as a kid, there must have been a point in the 90’s in Britain where one of the terrestrial channels had the rights to it as I swear this was being shown every half term, and I loved it. I was also, you know...about 7, because Flight of the Navigator isn’t a great movie, it’s not a bad one either of course, but there’s a reason it doesn’t occupy the same pedestal as other high concept 80’s family fare.

Logan’s Run

There was a lot to like in the original Logan’s Run...and then there was this.


This is not a film that has aged well, either in terms of it’s themes or it’s overall look, but both I think make it a good candidate for a new writer and director to take a look at.

Chopping Mall

I buy the fake trailers from Grindhouse as being real movies more than this.


Ok I actually know pretty much nothing about this one, but I’m including it because I read an article some years ago decrying the rash of horror remakes in which the writer specifically suggested Chopping Mall as a title that should be remade as it fit perfectly into the niche of “good idea, shame about the execution”.

No one has green-lit such a thing but…

Soylent Green

It always bothered me that the different Soylent colours were literally the colour of the food and not just branding.


Remembered more as a meme than a movie at this point Soylent Green occupies the same space as Logan’s Run in that it’s a 70’s sci-fi film filled with ideas that have huge amounts of potential to be revisited. Whether that’s done by ditching the movie’s cannibalistic twist and looking back to the original novel (which contained no such element) or by expanding it and making it a major part of the narrative the whole way through rather than an ending revelation, it could make for something really interesting.