Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Looking through today's shirts, I found a few I liked

But Day of the V made me smile the most, from popuptee.com. 20 hours as of this writing and $12.99. They also have other Dia Del Los Muertos fusions, including


and those omnipresent Mario Brothers.

Hello Jawa from OtherTees (1 day, 22 hours from now, $11) does make me feel a bit huggy. And then a bit awkward.

Played straight (who, me??) here's a lovely Iron Man Flux from Unamee:


(6 hours, $11, and they do not make selling their shirts easy, dammit).

Go, spend money! Look nerdy fly!

(I printed my first fanart shirt for a friend yesterday—the Cas+elephant one—don't tell her! It's a surprise!)

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