Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So says this Star Wars prequel rumor site. I've never read this series — maybe someone can fill me in on the details — but the parallels sound unusually close:

Empire still around? Check. Plucky heroine finds an old lightsaber in a junkyard? Check. Teams up with an ex-Imperial officer on the run from his former bosses? Check. They go looking for a mysterious Jedi? Check. Pursued by a Sith cyborg? Check.


Of course, most Star Wars storylines tend to follow a similar pattern, with a protagonist of humble origins and means going on a quest with other adventurers to find or save another character of great importance. The same plot could describe any number of EU works — games, comics, cartoons, books. It's entirely possible — and highly likely — that neither Arndt, Kasdan, or Abrams ever heard of the comic book, and just happened to produce something similar from Star Wars' narrative matrix. Just because it sounds like some other storyline doesn't mean it isn't a pure coincidence.

On the other hand, Lucas and Disney own the EU and all the characters and situations in it. If they wanted to go shopping for potential stories, they have 30+ years of material, going back to the old Del Rey novels and the Marvel Comics series from the '70s. So if they decided that the new movies would incorporate elements from the expanded or "Legendary" saga, they'd be well within their rights.

As someone who loves rumors and generally takes everything with a Death Star-sized grain of salt, it wouldn't surprise me if it turned out that everything we've heard so far is at least erroneous and very likely completely wrong. Until I see an actual LFL press release, I'm going to treat every "scoop" as total BS — but that doesn't mean I won't enjoy them.

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