UK retailer Argos has revealed the box art for a new Man of Steel-branded Lego set from Lego's DCU Superheroes line, continuing that long tradition of Lego sets giving us a hint at what goes on in their associated film - and things aren't looking too bright for Clark Kent's adopted home town...

The high-res (click to embiggen and all that) PR shots of the set give us a better look at Zod's funky Kryptonian armour - complete with some pretty fabulous looking helmets. Kinja cut the bottom of the box art off, so for those who want to know, the set contains - from Left to Right in the above picture - Superman (duh), Colonel Hardy, General Zod, Faora, and Tor-An.

The retailer also put out bigger pictures of the previously known Metropolis Showdown, a smaller set that features Superman and Zod in a one on one punch up. So maybe Zod attacks Smallville first to annoy Supes, and then moves on to the bigger target of Metropolis?


Once again, click to embiggen!