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Looks like Syfy is Dumping Primeval: New World Today

Can't say I'm surprised, but I'm still a little sad. I loved the original, but the spinoff was a big ol' mess. Too many characters, and too few of them spent enough time with us for us to care about them. The monsters-of-the-week were good enough, but the sheer number of characters took up too much time, so we spent less with the monsters and more following random brunette #4. The original started with 5 characters, all very different and identifiable. Three men, two women, none of whom were interchangeable. I think if the writers take anything from P:NW, it should be to start small and clearly, and then, once we know the characters, you can add more. The promo pics for New World all show 4 or 6 people, but the show never felt that small. I swear, we were expected to follow nine people. Maybe the sets were too big, I don't know. The show never felt as small and ...intimate as the original. Maybe it was the acting; maybe it was the characters; I don't know, but it just didn't work.


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