DICE have just released this gorgeous piece of Concept art on their Mirror's Edge facebook page, with our parkour heroine looking over a shining cityscape - and the promise of a bit more to come at E3 2014.

Announced last year, Mirror's Edge 2 - or just Mirror's Edge, as EA and DICE have been unclear whether this new title will be a sequel or a soft reboot of the IP - is the follow up to the 2008 first-person parkour platformer that basically nobody bought until it was on sale for a pittance, despite it being pretty bloody awesome (it didn't set the world alight critically either, but shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyoushouldgoplayitanyway). If you remember, I got a... little excited, shall we say, about this reveal.


Whilst it's a shame this lovely piece of art has had the Logo slapped over it - otherwise, it'd be my new wallpaper in a heartbeat - it's exciting to know that we'll be seeing more of the game next week, presumably at EA's press conference tomorrow. Guess it's time to put this on and WALL-RUN ONTO THE HYPE TRAIN: