The second and third episodes of USA’s show Colony show us more of occupied Los Angeles and the new order of things. Will’s new job isn’t exactly what he thought it would be and Katie’s new role isn’t what she thought either. Spoilers ahead.

Here’s a quick and dirty rundown of last week’s episode ”A Brave New World.” Will Bowman is firmly in procedural land. He’s not in charge as Proxy Snyder made him think when he recruited him. Will’s partner Beau (Carl Weathers!) is determined to do the least amount of work possible to keep his job. Their first task is tracking down the man responsible for the bombing that got Will involved with the Transitional Authority (TA) in the first place. Meanwhile Katie is feeding intel to the Resistance. Will realizes there is a leak but doesn’t realize that it might be connected to telling his wife everything he’s doing. Will’s buddy Carlos from the auto shop is rounded up in an unrelated raid. Will and Katie manage to get his wife and son safely away but Carlos is sent to the Factory. After a shower scene with unsubtle Holocaust imagery Carlos and other detainees head to another chamber.

In this week’s episode “98 Seconds” time is an important element. The episode also shows more of everyday life in occupied LA .


We start with a disheveled looking guy making a pirate radio broadcast. It’s day 341 of the occupation. The man tells the story of someone driven to become a bomber as the Redhats are triangulating on his position. He ends his broadcast saying “I am John Connor Geronimo. You are Geronimo. We are Geronimo.” He’s gone by the time the Redhats get there and find his note. I’m not sure at this point that the pirate broadcaster was actually Geronimo or even if there really is a Geronimo. He may be Colony’s version of Emmanuel Goldstein.

Katie goes on a mission with the Resistance that at first seems to be a truck jacking but is actually timing the response time of the drones (the titular 98 seconds) and the Redhats. Interestingly the drones respond to shots fired while the Redhats respond to a radioed distress call. I question the wisdom of the Resistance sending its most important intelligence asset into the field like that instead of protecting her. Katie should be in as little direct contact with the Resistance as possible to protect her cover. But it’s a TV show so she has to be involved in the action. While the mission is successful a Resistance member is shot (and finished off by Broussard) and Katie has trouble dealing with it.


The dead man does give Will and his people a lead though. Will’s boss Phyllis accesses a mysterious database called the Rolodex that sends Will and Beau to a hidden armory where they nab half the Resistance’s firearms. Will is a little too good at his job so the highest ranking Resistance member we’ve seen decrees that Katie’s intel needs to outweigh the damage Will is doing...or else.

Katie, where is your son? He’s not in the house! Okay, with the obligatory The Walking Dead reference out of the way we can discuss Bram. He has been recording the Geronimo broadcasts and sharing them with one of his teachers. His girlfriend then shows him a DPW tunnel that leads outside. I’m sure there’s some exploring coming in the future.

On the plus side LA nightlife picked up with the opening of Katie’s bar Yoknapatawpha, or Yonk for short. Most of the adult main characters show up at some point including Proxy Snyder, whose presence is a bit of a buzzkiller. He tells the Bowmans that he supports the bar since booze and snacks help people cope with life under the occupation.


I know I glossed over and left out some stuff from the last two episodes. Feel free to discuss them in the comments.

Assorted thoughts:


  • Could the government supplied tutor be any more “bonkers” as Katie puts it? But I would also be very surprised if she isn’t also the Bowmans’ minder reporting everything she sees to the TA. Though it seems like she may keep the part about seeing bloody Katie to herself for her own creepy reasons.
  • Beau is a retired SFPD cop who happened to be in LA when the Raps arrived and was stuck.
  • Raps is a pretty lame nickname for whatever is in charge.
  • There’s something happening in the sky. More to follow I’m sure.