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Lost Girl S5: The Kenzi Factor

Since the terrible season four and its finale, I was wondering how the show would continue or if even Kenzi (and Ksenia Solo) would be back and whether the final season could regain some of what made this series great. Well season five has premiered on Showcase and I have to say it is a massive improvement over season four. SPOILERS from here out.

Yes it is improved even without Kenzi being part of the regular cast. Yes Kenzi is resurrected and I have to give props to the writers, producers, and Ksenia Solo keeping it a secret for so long. Even the reveal where Bo finds Kenz in a hotel with couture and all the waffles she can eat in Valhalla was well done and a nod to the fact Ksenia Solo's career was blowing up a bit (and it was heavily implied that Kenzi was in fact happy in Valhalla which made for some great friction between Bo and her). After some afterlife shenanigans where Bo resurrects Kenzi she ultimately leaves to go to an island Hale left her in his will. She actually has a good reason for leaving, when we met Kenzi she was a wayward human conning her way through the world and she loved the weirdness of the fae so she stuck around and made her own family. In a way she thought it was fun, but after Hale's death and her death and resurrection she's ready to be human, shes ready to be normal. Which is weird but a fitting way to send her off for now. I say for now because in a interview Ksenia Solo gave she is confirmed to be in at least couple of episodes which can number from 2-5. Its interesting in a way Kenzi's arc mirrors the shows ups and downs. Lost Girl was at its strongest when things were fun, light, and never taking itself too serious. When it tried to be too serious with saving the world stuff and melodrama it felt bloated, aimless, and boring.


On the flip side Bo dealing with the loss of her best friend and sister has been really interesting to watch. Anna Silk is actually a fantastic actress who subtly puts out a sense of sadness and anger in the first three episodes, in which Bo deals with finding Kenzi and then losing her again. Of course the other characters get their mourning moments too, but really the strongest part of the show was Kenzi and Bo's relationship even when everything else sucked. As Bo says in episode two when Kenzi leaves, "I love you Kenzi, sometimes I think its the only thing I'm completely sure about."

It's been three episodes since Kenzi left and I've enjoyed them all and never once stopped to think, "Man I wish Kenzi was still around." Now I can't tell if that's because she was gone a lot last season so the transition wasn't that rough or if I just accepted that Kenzi and by extension Ksenia Solo wanted to move on. But its not the complete mess I thought it was going to be and certainly not the laughably awfulness of season four. And the plot lines while sometimes have holes you can drive through are enjoyable again.

For the most part its not as terrible as season four or because Kenzi left, because Tamsin (mostly her), Dyson, and Lauren (yes Lauren), have been picking up the comedic one liners Kenzi was known for, and the two most predominant ships (Doccubus and whatever Dyson and Bo's name were) have been put on the back burner. Tamsin is definitely meaner than Kenzi but shes always been that way so I don't mind her mostly filling in for Kenzi in that regard.


And after last night's episode I had a realization: Lauren isn't terrible! If I'm being an ass I'd say its cause I've been exposed to her for four seasons, but in reality I think its because she isn't pining over Bo and rarely has any romantic moments with her this season. I'm actually enjoying her scenes with Dyson and especially Tamsin. She even has a funny name with Tamsin, CopDoc. And the plot of Dyson helping her train should be funny those two have comedic chemistry and I love it.


The other aspect that I have loved is the Tamsin and Bo relationship, they sort of been building this relationship since Tamsin was introduced into the series and at first it was an adversarial love/hate thing but has since turned into full on love. Tamsin has out and declared her love for Bo and I they sealed the deal in a sweet, sexy, and intimate scene in the fifth episode. I was Team Dyson, but when Tamsin was introduced I was firmly Team Valkyrie, and Valkubus was made canon last night. I was thinking about why I really love this ship and I came up with an answer. When Bo met Dyson and Lauren she was in the dark about who she was and what she could do, but when she met Tamsin she was already an established Fae, making them equals. I guess the reciprocity of their relationship is what I'm rooting for.


Also there really isn't love drama by which I mean, so far Lauren and Dyson aren't pouting that Bo is sleeping with other people and possibly falling for Tamsin. Dyson is back to being a detective and being a wolf badass instead of whining about Bo. Hell they just gave him a son (who funnily enough Bo slept with lol). Vex and the Morrigan are back too and their stuff is always fun.

And with this being the final season of course they introduced a long arc that has been in the background for every episode that deals with murders in three, Bo's dad being Hades, and Persephone family maybe wrecking havok. Which have all been handled with a interesting hand revealing some stuff but leaving enough mystery, like season two did with the Garuda. Ultimately this fills me with promise that this season will make up for the last one and will give this fun series the proper send off we all deserve.

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